When people think of Tai Po, they usually associate it with cycling, barbecue and fishing. While these activities are ideal for a relaxing weekend,Tai Po has much more to offer. If you want to explore another side of Tai Po, here are some alternative activities to try out this weekend!

Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve

Nature lovers rarely get the chance to appreciate the beauty of wildlife in Hong Kong, but at Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve, you can witness over 200 butterfly species found in Hong Kong and Asia, including 50 rare breeds. A short minibus ride away from Tai Po Market station, the Butterfly Reserve offers ecotours and hosts activities such as butterfly survey training. Recommended visiting times are before 10am and around 4pm, as butterflies tend to hide in the shade during warm afternoons.

Old Tai Po Police Station and Old District Office North

New buildings and architectural styles may be cool and hip, but for those nostalgic at heart, you can get lost in the past by visiting the Old Tai Po Police Station and Old District Office North. Both buildings are the epitome of colonial life – after the British leased the New Territories in 1898, the buildings were built and Tai Po was marked the centre of the land. In 1981, the Old District Office North was declared a monument of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Railway Museum

Colonial architecture aside, you can also admire traditional Chinese architectural styles at the Hong Kong Railway Museum. Situated in the town center of Tai Po, the original old Tai Po Railway was declared a monument in 1984 and opened as a museum in 1985. The museum also includes a permanent exhibition, which includes photographs, track samples, old coaches and a full-sized model of an electric train compartment.

Sam Mun Tsai New Village

Fishing in the sea or at fish farms can get old sometimes – for an authentic fishing village experience, head over to Sam Mun Tsai Village to witness the simple life of a fisherman. Located on the northern shores of Tolo Harbour, the little fishing village is comprised of two-storey village houses, small huts and areas to store boats and fishing equipment. Word is the villagers are very friendly there – you may even learn a thing or two about fishing from the locals!

Permian rock garden of Hong Kong

While you’re at Sam Mun Tsai New Village, you might as well go Geo Sightseeing at the Permian rock garden of Hong Kong. The Permian rock garden is part of Ma Shi Chau, which is made up of several islands including Sam Mun Tsai. While Geology enthusiasts will be fascinated by the rock formations and sedimentation features, others can go hiking at the Ma Shi Chau Nature Trail and explore the beauty of Hong Kong.