With 7 new MTR projects underway, people are paying more attention to certain districts in Hong Kong such as Kennedy Town. Back in the days, Kennedy Town was the neighbourhood home to cattle depot and slaughterhouses, but after the slaughterhouses closed in 1993 and the district went through extensive urban development, it has become the new “it” spot for students and expats. If you’re looking to relocate or discover an unpretentious part of Hong Kong, go west for a day of fun and joy!

Sun Hing Restaurant

Kennedy Town may be going through some serious westernisation and gentrification, but the district has still maintained some of its local charm through its cuisine. Sun Hing restaurant is one of the few underrated dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong – it may be simple and down to earth, but it is home to one of the most delicious custard buns in the city. For the freshest dim sum and custard buns with the hottest flow of sugary-salty goodness, we recommend going at 3am (its opening time).

Lo Pan Temple

Other than local cuisine, you can also discover Chinese history and culture at Lo Pan Temple. Lo Pan Temple is the only temple dedicated to the worship of Lo Pan, the Patron Saint of Chinese Builders and Constructors. In the same temple, you can also worship the Deity of Wealth, the Deity of Matrimony and the Deity of Earth. If you’re not a religious believer, the traditional Chinese art and architecture style are also worth checking out.

Western District Swimming Shed

Back in the 70’s there were no public swimming pools, so people decided to build a shed next to the sea for avid swimmers to gather and swim together. Swimming in the polluted waters of Hong Kong may not seem appealing to most people, but if you’re looking for a great photo opportunity, a photo of the swimming shed bridge against the sunset view will guarantee you a lot of likes on Facebook and Instagram.

Kennedy Pier

Another great photo opportunity is at the pier in Kennedy Town. Hong Kong nightlife tends to revolve around bars and clubs, but the pier can instantly transform into a drinking spot after buying a few beers at 7-Eleven. With a stunning sea view and quiet atmosphere, the pier is an ideal spot for some real talk and deep conversations.

Sunday’s Grocery

Sunday’s Grocery takes sandwiches to the next level – inspired by New York’s bodega, it is an unpretentious place to hang out and eat artisan sandwiches, fried chicken and crispy fried root vegetable chips. Bear in mind this is not a traditional sit down spot, but the delicious food will be worth the stand up eating experience. The “neighbourhood one-stop grocery store” also includes a variety of imported goods, namely Japanese whisky, sake and shochu.