When was the last time you went to Discovery Bay? For those who aren’t frequent visitors of this area, Discovery Bay may seem like an elite and snobby neighborhood, but there is more than meets the eye. This neighbourhood used to be an expat enclave carved out of the jungles of Lantau Island, but the number of Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese residents has increased and almost matches up to the western population. If you’re planning to relocate or explore another side of Hong Kong, go to Lantau Island for a day of fun and joy!

How to get there

Contrary to popular belief, Discovery Bay is actually quite convenient and accessible for outsiders. Visitors can either take a bus from Sunny Bay and Tung Chung MTR station, or take the 24 hour high-speed ferries which connect residents to Central in 25 minutes. Once you arrive in the realms of the neighbourhood, there is an internal bus service which effectively transports people around Discovery Bay. If you prefer to ride in style, you can also hire a local car or a limousine service to drive around town.


You may be wondering why Discovery Bay is so popular among expats – one of the reasons is probably because over 80% of the apartments have a spectacular sea view. Other than offering a wide selection of high-rise, low-rise and free-standing/detached houses, the European style design and gardens create a home away from home for expat residents. For those who have steady sea legs, you can even choose to live on a boat at the Discovery Bay Marina Club!

Tai Pak Beach

Another reason Discovery Bay is gweilo-friendly is due to Tai Pak Beach, the largest private beach in Hong Kong. A short walk from the ferry pier, the 400 metre long beach provides an ideal venue for lazing under the sun and sports such as beach rugby and volleyball. If you’re travelling with children, the beach also includes a family-friendly children’s playground and picnic area.


Other than the beach, nature lovers would also enjoy the 2 hour hike from Discovery Bay to Mui Wo. Don’t worry if you’re an amateur hiker – this hiking trail is not designed to challenge hikers’ endurance, it simply provides a great vantage point for you to appreciate the beauty of nature. Other than enjoying a magnetic sea and mountain view, you can even visit the Silvermine Waterfall and monastery once you arrive at Mui Wo.

The Bookshop by Terry Boyce

Not an active person? No worries – there’s something for everyone at Discovery Bay. If you prefer to relax at a café with a book in hand, you can seek out hidden gems of literature at The Bookshop without stretching your wallet. This vintage bookstore has one of the top rare book collections in Hong Kong, as the owner takes pride in acquiring rare books in auctions and shipping directly from the UK. Regardless of the history and scarcity of the book, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for at the Bookshop.