Twenty-nine-year-old Danish-German Merete Nordvik is the founder and designer of Nordvik Design, a Denmark-based company selling innovative and functional jewellery. Despite her young age, Nordvik has over ten years of experience developing unique accessories. BuyMeDesign interviewed the driven designer.

How did you arrive at the field of jewellery design?
I’ve always had a passion for both innovation and design, and adding a Scandinavian touch to these elements. I always carrying a USB drive everywhere to make sure I have all my important documents with me. I couldn’t really find an elegant USB drive anywhere, which is why I started to design fashionable USB jewellery myself. My wearable technology collection is the most popular collection I have designed so far.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I find my inspiration everywhere — travel, technology, art, architecture, friends, family and life itself. Daily visual details and experiences influence my work. Inspiration is everywhere. I’m inspired by learning, by experiencing, by the conversations that I have. I also get my inspiration from my many journeys around the world: I have lived in cities like Munich, London and Cape Town. And, as I have stated before, my Scandinavian roots are a key component in my handcrafted designs.

What makes your USB collection unique?
It’s a Scandinavian, handmade piece of design, created with high-quality, genuine leather. The USB accessory is a perfect, unisex gift idea for every occasion, because you can insert memorable photos of you and your loved ones to give the jewellery a personal touch. This collection has also been very popular as company gifts for employees. Companies like to use the USB jewellery as a marketing event as well. We can customise the USB jewellery upon request by, for instance, laser engraving a company logo on the USB design, and inserting documents like PowerPoint presentations and flyers into the USB drive before delivering it out to our B2B customers.

What would you say is particularly characteristic of your products?
My products are simple, functional, elegant and unique — with a Scandinavian touch. I stay true to my vision and I don’t compromise on quality and design.

What’s your motto in life?
I will keep smiling, stay positive and never give up. Drive, perseverance and hard work are the only way to success, and are the foundation for everything I have achieved.

Date: 2015-06-10