Who’s in the mood for spicing up their wardrobe? We’ve got some fresh looks hitting the hottest trends of the season. There’s something for everyone including dresses, shoes, accessories, scarves, and jewellery — and everything is by talented, independent emerging designers. Have a look and help yourself to something new and exciting.

Silk Wrap Around Jewellery
This beautiful piece of silk jewellery is fantastically adaptable. The art nouveau piece is decorated with stitched silk braiding and an engraved logo, which can be personalised. The piece can be worn as a bracelet, a scarf, a necklace or a headband. Three Wind Knots define the piece as, “Joy, peace, love, carelessness, enjoyment, friendship, happiness, success, freedom, fantasy, beauty, journey, secret, challenge…” So it entails just about everything.

© Photo by Buymedesign.com

Super Heavy Light Scarf

Super Heavy Light (SHL) is a collection of eight different scarves which are 100 percent silk with digital printing: the printed graphics are based on photographic images we did to a couple of furniture concrete experiments developed by Lines Lab. To complete those graphics, LL invited a writer that reflected the collection’s theme and wrote a few sentences playing with the concept Super Heavy Light. Perfect for jazzing up a simple summer dress for those nippy late-summer evenings.

© Photo by Buymedesign.com

Trojan Horse Jewellery Box

A decorative jewellery box in the form of a Trojan Horse, using accents of Art Deco design. The design evolved around the concept of the Year of the Horse, as per the Chinese Lunar year. The product is hand-cast and polished. This little creature will look great on your dressing table and is a pleasant distraction as you get yourself ready for that big night out.

© Photo by Buymedesign.com

Gratified Bracelet

Pinky Wong for The Little Finger has created this simple, almost infantile, bracelet. The geometric design and bright, bold colours are bang on trend and it’s a great way to accessorise a sleeveless garment. The brass bracelet is handmade with cotton yarn added at the corners.

© Photo by Buymedesign.com

Dessert Jewellery

The bespoke elements of TADAM! means no two pendants will be alike and each dessert has its own idiosyncrasies that distinguish it from another. To reflect the individuality of the pieces, each necklace has a distinct name to match. Whether you’re sporting the Cocoa Donut or the Sugar Coated Black Cauliflower, you have enough fuel for conversation on any occasion. To cater to all tastes some of the pendants remain minimally decorated while others sport a splash of ceramic gold, adding a layer of colour and life-like texture.

© Photo by Buymedesign.com

Logo Necklace

This logo necklace by Yolanda Chiu for Crystal Space is a little capsule of dreams that will dangle pleasantly around your neck. The diamond prism design encapsulates “classic.” Its simplicity is what breathes its elegance and it is 100 percent hand made in Taiwan out of solid sterling silver. This is a piece you will have to stop yourself from wearing every day.

© Photo by Buymedesign.com
Information provided by Founder of Buymedesign.com, Florence Coirier Giraudon.