For those who have an appreciation for Hong Kong’s idyllic nature scenes, you’ve probably heard of or witnessed the beauty of Waterfall Bay Park. Located in the Southern district alongside Wah Fu Estate, Waterfall Bay Park may look perfectly harmless on the outside, but this is rumoured to be one of the most haunted spots in Hong Kong. Once you learn about its history, you may want to think twice before stepping into this park!


Back in the Qing dynasty, the Waterfall Bay Park used to be a resting ground and water collection spot for pirates. However, one day the pirates went on a killing spree and massacred the entire village residing in this area. Ever since then, this area has been used as a mass grave, where unclaimed bodies are cremated and thrown into the waterfall.

Shui Gui

Shui Gui (literally “water ghost”) refers to the spirit of people who have drowned, then lurk underwater and drag innocent victims in order to possess their bodies. Rumour has it that the shui gui at Waterfall Bay Park has to find a replacement once a year, as there were past reports of the villagers’ children drowning in the waterfall while playing there.

Other than innocent children drowning, a Chinese boy named “Ah Ho” also reported a creepy incident where he was pushed into the water by a ghost. During Mid-Autumn festival, he and his two friends decided to go there to look at the moon. Suddenly a strong gust of wind blew past and made him fall into the waterfall. Luckily he knew how to swim and wasn’t claimed by the shui gui underwater. At first he thought one of his friends pushed him into the water, but both his friends denied doing so…

The female ghost without a face

Around 20 years ago, a group of primary school students were playing near the waterfall until sunset. Suddenly they noticed a woman in a white dress washing her face by the water – since children are curious by nature, they approached the woman to observe her strange motions. However, when the woman whipped back her long black hair and looked up, she didn’t have a face!

Despite the park’s spooky past and creepy ghost stories, the waterfall is still worth a visit. To avoid scary ghost sightings or drowning incidents, we recommend going in the daytime, where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the waterfall and barbecue by the beach.