The washroom is an important Feng Shui element. Depending on its location, direction and orientation, the washroom can be a medium to gather luck or ward off evil spirits.

Here are some common washroom Feng Shui scenarios:  

Washroom in the centre of the house/flat
As “Qi” (energy) gathers in the middle of the property, this area should not be contaminated. Having a bathroom located in the center of the house would affect the inhabitants’ health and draw in bad luck.

Washroom facing kitchen door
In Feng Shui, the bathroom represents “Water” while Kitchen represents “Fire”. Having these two opposing forces facing each other will affect the luck of the inhabitants. A simple solution is to place a plant in between, in order to utilise the “Wood” element to recreate harmony between opposing forces.

Washroom behind the headboard
Proximity to the washroom affects sleep quality and logical thinking, therefore it would be best to relocate the bed.

Washroom at “Wen Cheong” area
“Wen Cheong “ is one of the Chinese constellations that rules literature and study. Having a washroom situated at the “Wen Cheong” area may affect studies, logical thinking and reputation.

Washroom at “Peach Blossom” area
“Peach Blossom” is the location that rules general relationships and romance. Having a washroom situated in this location will attract bad romance and draw in complicated relationships.

Information provided by Feng Shui Master, Philip Wong.