Zoffany: Akaishi
Spring ushers in the delicacy of Japanese blossoms. UK-based Zoffany’s Akaishi Wallcoverings were inspired by the natural world that is so prevalent in Japanese design and culture. An organic mineral colour palette allows for earthy colours with atmospherically moody tones. Three notable patterns are Acer, Sansui and Atmosfera. Acer features painterly maple leaves digitally printed onto rushes, a base cloth of laminated jacquard backed by paper. Sansui, another fabric backed paper, uses large brush strokes to evoke celestial images onto a grass cloth base. Atmosfera is a paper that resembles a waterfall’s cascade and is a complex ombre stripe evoking liquid reflections.

Fromental: Kintsugi
Artisanal wallcoverings that combine British classicism with London’s current fashion scene is evident in the collections of UK-based Fromental. Its handmade wallpaper offerings include Kintsugi, under its Roomskins series of abstract impressions for vertical surfaces. Kintsugi references the Japanese art and craft of repairing broken pieces of ceramics with gold lacquer. It’s a collage of traditionally Japanese images and patterns, including flowers, leaves and birds, pieced together with shimmery seams. Partly printed and partly hand lacquered, the wallpaper’s Toki colourway is a study of blue against white ground that recall ancient oriental wares.

Phillip Jeffries: Bloom
Established American wallcovering leader Phillip Jeffries offers crafted designs that are strikingly confident. Its Bloom collection features digital prints that capture the full blossoming of flowers in hyper detail. It has the feel of a watercolour painting’s infinite grading of hues, giving it softness that seeps through to capture the imagination with its ethereal quality. Bloom is available in colour palettes such as India ink, antique umber, fuchsia, violet grey, indigo and sepia, and is digitally printed in two scales on bases such as Japanese paper weave, Manila hemp, metallic paper weave and star dust silk to combine traditional craftsmanship with technology.

Meystyle: Poems

UK-based Meystyle is known for integrating LED lighting fully into wallcoverings for surfaces to brighten a room—literally. Poems is its latest collection of LED wallpaper and merges distinctive pattern statements with luxurious materials such as organic silks and cottons. Noteworthy patterns in the collection are Shaded Maps, Faded Moonleaves and Water Bloom, with the inspiration for each design derived from a short poem. Shaded Maps is a reimagining of the expansion of cities as shown in an abstracted map, while Faded Moonleaves combines luminescent qualities with natural foliage. Water Bloom has a strong textural quality that juxtaposes materials such as metallic on a silk ground.