Varied and flexible space arrangements are indispensable to excellent service

SUZHOU, China, Nov. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The world leading Valve World Expo & Conference Asia 2015 (Valve World Asia) concluded on September 24th at the Suzhou International Expo Center located near Jinji Lake in the eastern Chinese city of Suzhou. The event organizer’s general manager Alex enthusiastically said: "We are more than happy with the venue and the quality of service we received. We will be sure to come back here for the next session in 2 years!"

What made the venue so attractive to the event organizer?

Suzhou, a city dotted with canals, is known as the Venice of the East, and had done of wonderful job of conserving many aspects of traditional Chinese culture, while the Expo Center, with a range of comprehensive and modern amenities in the immediate proximity, features a 100,000 square meter exhibition area in addition to 50,000 square meters allocated to meetings and conferences. Another reason behind the general manager’s praise is the excellent service offered by the venue operator.

The event organizer chose white as the main background color, with white tables, chairs and sofas made available for the vast majority of exhibitors, lending a distinctive European atmosphere to the event. The entire exhibition area was outfitted with white walls. An abundance of green plants placed throughout the exhibition area gave the hall a distinctly pleasant feeling, while acting as an air purifier and freshener. All supplies used during the event were specifically tailored for the Valves Expo. Right from the beginning of the initial discussion concerning the first edition of the event, in a move to maximize both cost savings and mutual interests, the two parties put in place a strategic cooperation plan: anything left over in inventory from the first event could be reused in follow-up events for as long as the items were serviceable. By doing so, the reusability not only maintained the quality of the exhibition but also guaranteed the establishment of a "branded" decor that could be reused many times over.

A qualified venue operator can fully understand and fulfill the needs of event organizers, and is better positioned for cooperation with the organizers to improve the overall quality of the event.

Suzhou International Expo Center, with the help of the resources available from its parent, once arranged a performance of the play Romeo and Juliet for the organizer of BLECH Asia, a play that happened to be loved by the couple working for the event organizer. 

The 53rd World Table Tennis Championship had demanding requirements for its venue, including the need for a vast amount of space, the ability to handle a wide variety of functional requirements and the sectioning off of the venue into separate smaller spaces so that several events could take place at once. The particular event organizer commented that the Suzhou International Expo Center was "one of the best table tennis competition venues for the world championships and the Olympic Games."

Suzhou International Expo Center always seeks close cooperation with the organizers. The Valve World Asia organizer said: "Suzhou International Expo Center has always stuck to the principle of thinking about its customers and offering excellent serviceWe, as an event organizer, have recognized the expertise, timeliness and hospitality of Suzhou International Expo Center and we were happy to work together with the center to jointly present our quality service to our customers."

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