The notion of small, and smaller apartments in this city, is nothing new. Buildings get taller, and apartment sizes are reducing gradually. Tiny living is now becoming more and more popular and with this, comes new design challenges. Here are some tips on how to enforce space-saving in the home.

Purge and declutter

This may seem obvious, but in fact it’s a prelude to space-saving. Periodically, going through all the items that we own, and deciding what to keep and what not, is a good exercise to make sure that we only have the essentials and those items we really need, and some that we want.


Be strategic with shelving. Aside from the obvious locations, you can maximise space with ready-made shelves and/or shelving units that can be placed above doors, above the toilet, above windows, behind and above headboards. Over-the-door shoe organisers can also be installed on less traffic prone doors, and allow extra space for smaller items.


There are several options of residential wall-mounted fixtures that range from dining tables, baby-changing stations and even ironing boards. Make sure you follow the proper instructions and secure on a wall, making sure all clearances are met when folded open. These are incredible options that offer versatility to any space.

Foldable and stackable

Especially for dining with company, when number of guests surpass those who live in a home, extra seating and more table space are imperative. Opt for stacking chairs and the classic drop leaf tables that add extra space when needed.  Both these products come in all shapes, colours, styles and sizes that will enhance the décor of your home.

Underneath storage

Maximise your storage footprint with a console vanity in the washroom and a hydraulic lift bed for the bedroom. These help conceal items that do not necessarily have to be visible at all times. Within these spaces, organise your belongings with clear plastic tubs or wicker baskets, these will help keep all items organised. For below the kitchen sink, ready to assemble plastic shelves and trays are also a great way to maximise this space vertically.

For the kitchen

Often times, countertop surface is never enough. Some drying racks nowadays are specifically designed to sit over the sink, allowing enough clearance for the faucet and washing. You can also add rods to the backsplash so with hooks, baskets and other containers can be hung, freeing up the prime real estate of countertops.  A kitchen trolley is always a good idea, as it’s versatility and wheels allow it to be moved from one space to another in case extra surfaces, storage, or floor space is needed. Preferably choose one with drawers and cabinets, that can conceal random items, like toasters or blenders.

So in retrospect, purge/get rid of unwanted items, categorise and reorganise, go vertical and stackable.  Repeat. This is a great formula to optimise the way we use space in our homes.