In case you hadn’t realised it, it’s not cool to use things just once. There is a finite amount of resources on the planet and if we keep making new things out of plants, animals, and rocks, eventually there won’t be anything left. Best option? Reclaiming old unwanted things that we don’t use anymore and turning them into something new and beautiful. Here are some brilliant eco-friendly examples for all of you.

Upcylced Living Centre Table

We’re starting with the least of our upcycled designs as of course you can’t upcycle grass – unless you make hay. However, the table is made from reclaimed walnut wood railway sleepers and steel girders. The delightful splash of green is created by a channel of soil supported under the centre of the table. Plant your herbs/salad in there and you can say goodbye to food miles; a totally eco-friendly table.

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Reclaimed Wood Accessories

Beatrix Li Chin Loos is a passionate environmentalist who has a love of design. She has combined those two interests beautifully with these items. The reclaimed wood from a local joinery was initially used to create pieces that breathe a calm yet stylish environmentalism.

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The Whimsy Of Abandon

Usually if it’s handmade and Italian it’s expensive and you want to be the first one using it. However, that’s not the case with these truly marvellous creations. Design studio Manoteca has taken antique objects and used their existing properties to create new and useful upcycled designs. Take this table for example. Not only can it be used as a table but all the individual suitcases can be used for storage in their own right.

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Light In Advertising

By cutting and sewing old advertising banners into different shapes KaCaMa has created a fantastically textured and unique lamp.The different colours and angles create a hypnotic fairy tale so dreamy that you’d never imagine the material’s original usage. I love the way the colours and mood of the lamp change between off and on.

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Fuelling The Body

A bit of a novelty upcycled design here,but a step in the right direction nonetheless. The famous engine used to power some of the world’s fastest cars could now be serving up a humble coffee in your kitchen. This modified V12 delivers piping hot coffee from the six dispensers, and the so-called oil reservoir can be filled with extra liquors and flavours that you may want to add to your coffee. Now that’s a morning jolt.

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From Hanging To Holding

An extraordinary number of coat hangers are used, thrown away and wasted by the clothing industry every year, and many of them are not biodegradeable. Let’s stop throwing them in our landfill sites and poisoning the earth. Kay Chan has turned them into beautiful, stylish, and eco-friendly bowls for whatever use your heart desires. Perfect.

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Information provided by Founder of, Florence Coirier Giraudon.