Are you stuck in a decorating rut? When it comes to home decoration, some of us would rather turn to Ikea catalogs for inspiration than do extensive research on DIY tutorials. If you prefer a more original and unique approach to your home design, try using these ordinary home objects for alternative uses!


We all have a ladder lying around at home, so what better way to make use of it than turning it into a shoe rack? Ladies can use a ladder to hang high-heeled shoes off them, or you can also use a ladder as a bookshelf or a towel rack.


Other than serving tea, teapots can also be used as vases for small flower bouquets. If you find it strange using a traditional teapot as a vase, try using one with a peculiar shape or design that will highlight the beauty of the flowers.


If you’re an avid cocktail drinker, a bookshelf may be a more efficient way to store your fancy glasses and cocktail shakers than a bar cart.

Ironing Boards

Instead of using a modern plastic ironing board, a vintage ironing board can pose as an exciting alternative to an ordinary table. The great thing about ironing boards is that you can fold and store them when not in use to save space!


Other than for sitting purposes, chairs can also be used as nightstands. Since most Hong Kong apartments are relatively small, using home objects for multiple purposes can help to save space.

Wooden pallets

If you have extra wooden pallets lying around at home, you can convert them into multiple objects, such as a bed base, sofa base, spice racks or garden shelves. The possibilities are endless with wooden pallets, so let your imagination run wild!

Wine bottles

Other than recycling old wine bottles, another interesting way to reuse them is to turn them into lamp decorations. You can either use a few of them as spotlights or use a large number of them as the centre of attention.

Bottle caps

Recycling can often become unique pieces of artwork – instead of throwing away old bottle caps, turn them into a piece of art as mirror decoration or transform them into fridge magnets.


While tires may not typically be common household objects, you can transform old car tires into cool and funky chairs. By adding a cushion on top and a fresh coat of paint, this turns into one-of-a-kind home furniture.

Plastic spoons

Instead of throwing away old plastic spoons, try saving a large number of them to create an original lampshade. By cutting out the spoon parts and gluing them onto a plastic bottle, you can create a beautiful pineapple-shaped lampshade!