The first word that comes to mind when we think of umbrella design is “protection.” Umbrellas were initially designed to shield the user against strong UV rays or heavy rain, but now designers from all over the world think: “What else can we do with an umbrella?” Some of our designer brands have come up with new and exciting ways to use the stalwart accessory.


Nendo has recently created the Stay-brella, whose name takes inspiration from its stability handle design. The handle claws allow the umbrella to stand up on its own, hang off edges and remain safely propped up against walls. It consists of 16 beautiful panels, comes in eight different colours, and boasts a protective surface coating that reduces UV rays by 90 percent.

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Sombra Sunbrella

This sunbrella is designed specifically for those strong sunlit days. Lines Lab have laser cut beautiful patterns into white Tyvek material in order to create stunning shadows and shapes on the ground as you walk. Artwork within artwork, this artistically transcendent sunbrella naturally stencils the suns rays, while also holding beautiful patterns in its body.

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SA Umbrella

The Japanese paper folding technique origami inspired the SA Umbrella project by NOOKA. It is made from a highly recyclable waterproof plastic, which is an exceptionally impermeable, light and strong material. The SA is the only umbrella on the market that functions on an internalised handle mechanism closure set-up, meaning that the umbrella can withstand heavy winds and rain without compromising its form. It will just bounce back into shape.

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SDWorks has designed a beautiful flower-coated umbrella, which drags you out of sorrowful rainy moods with its bright and calming colours. Imagine the bonsai trees, waving grass, and that beautiful cherry blossom tree (rain rain, go away). It embraces Asian culture and Oriental beauty: the red colours in the umbrella’s fabric are accentuated when wet, making this design a rainy work of art.

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Rosella Umbrella

The Rosella Umbrella by Alluy Design takes its name from the widely recognised rose flower. When folded, the umbrellas mimic rose-like creases. When opened, the umbrellas bloom and show their true colours. Heehyoung Jo intended to put smiles on people’s faces in spite of gloomy weather and dark skies with this dewy design.

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Umbrella Holder

Award winning brand Rcube Design Limited gives you the Umbrella Holder, a subsidiary attachment to their ingenious Pipe Series. The umbrella holder affixes to the primary pipe tube so that it becomes a secure part of your vehicle handlebar. Transform your bike, your baby stroller or your wheelchair into a rainproof vehicle with Rcube’s innovative umbrella adaptation.

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Information provided by Founder of, Florence Coirier Giraudon.