What was once a fishing and farming town dating to the Song dynasty has morphed into a vibrant neighbourhood that today is perfect for residents who demand healthy living and visitors who seek cultural experiences and wildlife adventures.

Tung Chung, just half an hour away from Central by MTR, enjoys easy access to public transport, close proximity to a wealth of natural sites, cultural attractions and tourist spots, including Hong Kong Disneyland and the Big Buddha, as well as a large diversity of neighbourhood amenities and entertainment.

These perks have attracted more and more residents from the city to move to Tung Chung, making it a growing hotspot for new properties, with the likes of The Visionary, Century Link and Century Link II popping up in recent years.

Home to a number of declared monuments and natural assets, this jewel on Lantau Island is also a go-to destination for visitors who seek cultural experiences and wildlife adventures.

12:30pm | Citygate Outlets 

Known to be a paradise for bargain hunters, Citygate Outlets is home to an exciting mix of 80 international designer labels at up to 80% off in retail prices. Adjoined to the Tung Chung MTR station, just one station away from Hong Kong Disneyland, the mall is also equipped with a cinema, a spa and a wide range of restaurants and cafés facing towards an outdoor fountain where shoppers can enjoy a short break.

13:30 pm | Ngong Ping 360 

Right next to Citygate Outlets, you can find the entrance of Ngong Ping 360, an aerial tramway connecting the Tung Chung Town Centre and Ngong Ping on Lantau Island, particularly to the Big Buddha. Owned by MTR Corporation, the 5.7km ride aims to bring cultural entertainment to tourists and to preserve the natural and ecological environment of Lantau Island.

14:00 pm | Tung Chung Fort 

Taking the cable car may be effortless and scenic, but there’s an exciting historical Tung Chung path stretching down to Tung Chung Bay that you don’t want to miss. My first station is Tung Chung Fort dating back to the Ching dynasty. The fort was built with a purpose to fend off salt smugglers, and was stationed with hundreds of soldiers. After the troops were withdrawn, the fort underwent a number of transformations, serving as police station and then a public school. Now a declared monument in Hong Kong, the fort has six muzzle-loading cannons resting along the wall on the north entrance gate, some of which have been engraved with manufacturing dates in Chinese.

15:00 pm | Tung O Ancient Trail 

Connecting Tung Chung to Tai O, this coastal trail used to be the main passage for villagers to travel around. Starting at Tung Chung centre, the path can bring you to Hau Wong Temple and the Tung Chung mangroves, and ends at the historical Tai O fishing village.

16:30 pm | Hau Wong Temple

Not far from Tung Chung centre is Hau Wong Temple. Built in 1730, the temple is believed to be named after a marquis prince from the Song Dynasty, whose image is documented in the main hall of the temple’s entrance. This ancient building is a Grade I historical building and carries a bewildering range of cultural artefacts, which include relief carvings on walls, Chinese calligraphy, plaques and an iron incense burner.


17:30 pm | Tung Chung Mangrove 

Across the Hau Wong Bridge is Tung Chung Mangrove, marking the end of Tung Chung River and the end of my wildlife journey. It supports a variety of invertebrate marine organisms such as mudskippers and fiddler crabs.

18:30 pm | Wah Tao Restaurant 

The perfect spot to round off my day trip is a seafood banquet at Wah Tao Restaurant. Perched on Tung Chung Old Pier, the restaurant has a generous outdoor seating area looking over the ocean where you can enjoy an orange sky at sunset.

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