Located in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong Baptist University can be easily accessed via multiple transportations. For the main campus, you can either take the MTR, bus or mini bus.

HKBU is located between two MTR stations – Kowloon Tong and Lok Fu, which are both within walking distance of 10-15 minutes but if you really don’t want to walk, there are connecting mini buses to reach campus from both stations. If you are not on a budget for your daily commute, between the two stations, Kowloon Tong would be the more comfortable route.

Mini Bus
From Kowloon Tong, there are three mini bus routes that can take you to main campus –No. 29A for Ho Sin Hang Campus and No. 25M or 25M(S) for Shaw Campus and the Baptist University Road Campus. If you are coming from Lok Fu, you can wait at Lok Fu Plaza for No. 85, which runs between The Latitude in San Po Kong and City University of Hong Kong on Tat Chee Avenue, and get off at Shaw Campus

From Kowloon Tong: 25M, 25M(S), 29A
From Lok Fu: 85

No matter which direction you are coming from, there will be a bus that stops at HKBU. The major bus stops are on Junction Road, Renfrew Road, Kam Shing Road, Waterloo Road and Cornwall Street.

Junction Road 2B, 2F, 3C,7, 85, 85A, 85B, 103, 208, E22
Renfrew Road 103, 208
Kam Shing Road 2B, 2F, 3C,7, 85, 85A, 85B, E22
Waterloo Road 3C, 7, 72X, 80M, 81C, 81S, 85, 85A, 85B, 86C, 87D, 87E, 103, 170, 182, 270A, 270C, 271, 271P, 281A, 281B, 281M, 281X, 887, N170, N182, N271, N281
Cornwall Street 2B, 2F, 7, 86C, E22

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