A commodious penthouse at Bellagio in Sham Tseng shows what sophisticated natural decorating can achieve, and how little tricks can make a big difference to the space of a home

Looming above on the 71st floor at the Bellagio, the 1600 square-feet adjacent penthouse has a natural advantage. To cater to the King couple, who are the owners of a garment business, and their eight-year-old son, local design house COMODO has crafted a soothing nest for the family with a singular vision.

From the living room to the kitchen to the bedrooms, all parts of the home embrace muted colours with tones of white, along with a touch of sophisticated grey from a canopy of marble tiles stretching to the window.

Size is not a problem – the apartment is spacious enough to habitat a football team. But the original layout presents a series of structural difficulties.

It begins with the entrance. Two awkwardly built walls form an L-shape next to the main entrance, leaving two compact spaces that are too small to fit any furniture. Since they are load-bearing walls that cannot be torn down, the designer turned one odd space into a comfortable bench for shoes and the other a storage cabinet, going against each other.

“We fully utilised the strange spaces,” said Alain Wong, founder of COMODO, “also, after retouching, the wall completely blended into the interior, achieving both aesthetic and utilitarian.”

The wall dividing the living room and bedroom has also been adjusted. To make the best use of the living room without compromising on the spectacular Ting Kau Bridge view from the terrace, the original bedroom entrance has been moved from near the terrace to the other side, making room for the television and an audio set.

Another downside of the original layout was the narrow corridor leading towards the bedrooms. The confined atmosphere saw the designer replace the walls of the study room with glass partitions, furnished with roller blinds. The kitchen entrance has also widened.

To make the home more favourable to the little one, the original guest room has been transformed into a play area, where the wall between the kid’s room and his play room has come down partially, keeping half of the wall for a television.

“The kid’s room keeps to the blue palette with striped wallpaper against the bed, a neutral design that is appropriate for every age and stage of the son,” Wong said.