Hong Kong may be a great city to live in, but sometimes living here can get expensive. In order to find out about free activities in Hong Kong, we consulted the girls over at Sassy Hong Kong to share with us their expert opinion!

Hong Kong is an expensive city to navigate but at Sassy Hong Kong we know where you can have a blast for free. So leave your wallet at home while you explore the city with this nifty list of things to do. Go on you know you want to!

1. Check out stalls of clothes, watches, electronics, paintings, keychains, toys, jewellery and antiques at the Temple Street Night Market. You don’t have to buy a thing (we rarely do), but it’s plenty of fun to have a looksie!

2. Escape the masses and head on up to Victoria Peak Garden. Hurry before everyone hears about it.

3. Kam Shan Country Park is for war history buffs and nature lovers. Bunkers and monkeys, what could be better? Don’t feed the monkeys though, you’ve been warned!

4. Lace up your hiking shoes and head over to the Dragon’s Back for beautiful scenic views and a great workout! See our Top 5 Hikes here.

5. Museum hop on Wednesdays – there are a total of seven Hong Kong Museums that offer free admission on Wednesdays, including the Science Museum which is one of our favourites.

6. Get down to the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront and ogle over the Symphony of Lights, which is on every night at 8pm. Magic every time.

7. Feel floral at The Flower Market in Mong Kok. Treat yourself to a potted plant, it’s a great project to keep up at home.

8. Visit the Governor’s Residence on Upper Albert Road – once an archeological site, it’s now open to the public on certain days, or just have a quick tour around the impressive exterior!

9. If you’re interested in art then whet your appetite for the scene and go gallery hopping on Hollywood Road.

10. It’s a Hong Kong classic and we couldn’t leave off the Hong Kong Aviary. The exotic birds there never fail to delight and they offer free guided tours on Wednesday mornings.