As self expression and originality become more prevalent in society, DIY popularity is also on the rise among trend setters. Whether you are planning to create one of a kind home decoration pieces or show your sincerity by making a gift for your loved ones, DIY projects have a place in everyone’s lives. As the year comes to an end, let’s review the top DIY projects of the year!

Mason jars

There are no bounds when it comes to mason jars – there are endless ways to repurpose a mason jar, from original lampshades and vases to snow globes and candle holders. This is why mason jars continue to dominate the theme of DIY projects and will probably do so for the upcoming years!

Firefly jars

If you want to witness the beauty of fireflies from the comfort of your own home, you can recreate this magical sensation by opening the contents of a glow stick, add diamond glitter into the jar, cover it with a lid and shake it until both forms are mixed together. Glow sticks tend to last 4 to 12 hours, so we recommend doing this at night and watching it in the dark.

Shoebox charger

As we currently live in a smart world, we are bound to have a few smart devices that require charging at home. If the sight of bundled wires gets on your nerves, you can hide and reorganize the mess by cutting holes in a shoebox and placing the charging devices in the shoebox. However, since devices can easily overheat, we recommend placing this shoebox charger in a cool and dry environment.

Lotion bottle cell phone charging holder

Recycling is all the hype nowadays, but it can also be made fun by turning it into a DIY project. The next time you finish a bottle of body lotion or shampoo, try cutting it in half and add a fresh coat of paint to instantly create a smartphone charging holder!

Wine cork board

This is for all the avid drinkers out there – instead of throwing away old wine corks, save a couple dozen of them and create your very own cork board! To get rid of the wine smell off the corks, try soaking them in a water and white vinegar mix for a couple of hours.