With Mid-Autumn Festival coming up soon on October 4 (Lunar Calendar: 15th August), how will you celebrate this night of full moon which symbolises peace, prosperity and family reunion? Barbequing? Playing lanterns? Romantic Outing with your significant other? Moon gazing? Or all of the above? And where will you go? Not matter where you live – Hong Kong Island, Kowloon or New Territories, here are some ideal locations near your neighbourhood for spending your Mid-Autumn Festival with your friends, other half or family.

1. Victoria Peak Garden
For those living in Mid-Levels, Victoria Peak Garden is the closest and most convenient location. Just behind the peak tram station on Victoria Peak, Victoria Peak Garden is a good location for an up-close moon gazing. Though the Peak is regularly frequented by tourists and expected to be even more packed on Mid-Autumn Festival, there are the options of heading over to the Peak Tower or the open-to-public Sky Terrence for savouring the fantastic view of the full moon and Victoria Harbour.

Getting there: take the Peak Tram or Bus No. 15

Ratings: 1 (Low) – 5 (High)

View: 5 Convenience: 4 Spaciousness: 2 Crowdedness: 5

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2. Tamar Park
Another option for Hong Kong Islanders is the 1.76 hectare Tamar Park, which is conveniently located on Harcourt Road in Admiralty and can be reached by taking the MTR. Lined with large areas of ‘perpetual green’, the park is another prime moon gazing location on the Hong Kong Island where visitors can freely stroll and sit around and enjoy an open view of the harbor. Connected to the Central and Western District Promenade, visitors can simply walk to reach The Hong Kong Observation Wheel and Central Piers.

Getting there: Take Exit A at Admiralty MTR station

Ratings: 1 (Low) – 5 (High)

View: 4 Convenience: 5 Spaciousness: 5 Crowdedness: 3

3. Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Park
If you live in Kowloon Bay or Kowloon City, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Park is within close proximity for a view of the full moon. Sitting on the roof of the cruise terminal, the park occupies 23,000 sq.m. of space and is one of the largest sky gardens in Hong Kong. Amenities in the park include a central lawn, viewing platform, water garden and fountain plaza etc. Visitors can take advantage of the spaciousness of the park and lie on the lawn for moon gazing.

Getting there: Take Bus No. 5R or Minibus No. 86

Ratings: 1 (Low) – 5 (High)

View: 4 Convenience: 3 Spaciousness: 5 Crowdedness: 3

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4. Tung Wan Beach
For residents on Lantau Island, just east of Ma Wan is Tung Wan Beach, which offers an ideal vantage point of Tsing Ma Bridge, creating a romantic setting where you can dine at a nearby open air restaurant and moon gaze at the same time. If you decide to drive, please take note that you cannot enter Ma Wan Road without a permit, so taking public transportation should be the best way to reach Tung Wan.

Getting there: Take the ferry at Central Pier 2 for Park Island Ferry Pier or Bus No. 332 at MetroPlaza in Kwai Fong

Ratings: 1 (Low) – 5 (High)

View: 4 Convenience: 2 Spaciousness: 4 Crowdedness: 3

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5. Plover Cove Reservoir
Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Plover Cove Reservoir in Tai Mei Tuk offers visitors a breath of clean, fresh air and a serene view of the reservoir. The locale has a number of barbeque pits and is suitable for families celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival. However, do remember to arrive early and reserve your space. Another option is to make a reservation at one of the privately-owned barbeque venues in the area. This location is ideal for families living in the New Territories, especially Tai Po and Fanling.

Getting there: Take Bus No. 75K or mini bus No. 20C

Ratings: 1 (Low) – 5 (High)

View: 4 Convenience: 2 Spaciousness: 5 Crowdedness: 5

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6. Jordan Valley Park
Located on New Clear Water Bay Road in Kwun Tong, Jordan Valley Park not only has 2 over 10,000 sq. m. central lawns, it also features facilities such as radio-controlled model car racing circuits, elderly fitness area, children’s play area and multi-purpose rooms. With its massive space and multiple facilities for all ages, Jordan Valley Park offers fun and entertainment for everybody. For families that live in East Kowloon, you can start during daytime, play till sunset and picnic on the lawn while waiting for the moon to make its appearance.

Getting there: Take Bus No. 23/23M/26/26M/27/29M/42/91/91M/92/95 or mini bus No. 12/47/48/49/54/54S/60/104

Ratings: 1 (Low) – 5 (High)

View: 4 Convenience: 2 Spaciousness: 3 Crowdedness: 3

7. Kowloon Peak
Kowloon Peak, also known as Fei Ngo Shan, is an ideal choice for moon gazing if you are coming from Ma On Shan or Shatin with your other half only. Now part of Ma On Shan Country Park, Kowloon Peak offers couples a peaceful and serene natural environment where they can romantically spend Mid-Autumn Festival. However, there is a downside – with no shops or even small stores in close vicinity, remember to have everything you need well-prepared before you start off.

Ratings: 1 (Low) – 5 (High)

View: 4 Convenience: 1 Spaciousness: 3 Crowdedness: 1

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