Is your home in need of a little revamping? People usually associate interior design with the big picture, such as wall colour, curtains and furniture, but sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference in the household. If you’re looking for great finishing touches for your home, our experts have hand-picked the top 5 home décor in Hong Kong for you!

Double Happiness Mini Scented Candles – G.O.D.

G.O.D. is the true embodiment of Hong Kong identity – founded in 1996 by Douglas Young, Goods of Desire creates products where East meets West and tradition meets innovation. Inspired by the Chinese word for “happiness”, the traditional character is transformed into a modern candle design that can brighten up any Hong Kong home.

Nachtmann Vase – Tequila Kola

If you wish to add some New York flair to your household, Tequila Kola is the store for you. Founded by New Yorker Michelle Koller in 1991, Tequila Kola provides a range of unique furniture, fabric and accessories. While flowers are an ideal finishing touch for any household, the Nachtmann vase can enhance the natural beauty of the flowers.

Photo credit: Tequila Kola

Tear Drop Birdcages – Tree

Labelled as Hong Kong’s first eco-chic furniture boutique, Tree is determined to bring sustainable and comfortable home living to the city. Since there is a section on the online shop especially for finishing touches, the products come in all shapes and sizes to suit everyone’s needs. Even if you don’t own any pet birds, the unusual shape of the tear drop birdcages can serve as a unique piece of decoration in your household.

Barnaby Pendant Copper Lamps – Indigo Living

Due to the company’s mission, elegance and quality are guaranteed in Indigo Living’s products. Space is a luxury for Hong Kong apartments, but you can maximize the use of space on the ceilings with these Barnaby Pendant Copper lamps! The lamps come in different sizes and can be used in multiple locations within a household.

Coral Candle Holder – Décor 8

When it comes to Décor 8, price is not a concern, as the company provides a range of budget to high-end products. With showrooms in both Mong Kok and Wanchai, Kowloon side residents don’t have to venture all the way out to Hong Kong Island to shop for home décor. Homeowners can add a touch of warmth and brightness with this coral candle holder, which acts as an ideal decoration piece for dinner parties.