We have scoured the globe for the best in clunky pendant lights and given you the top 5 of the trend for bold, solid and material centric pendant lights. All are hallmarked by a solidity that makes you wonder if your ceiling is strong enough, and a simplicity that draws attention to the beauty of the materials used.

Cement Wood lamps | Decha Achjananun at Thinkk for Specimen Editions | France

©Thinkk for Specimen Editions – buymedesign.com

These cement wood pendant lights do exactly as the name suggests. Robustly built from solid materials they are the brothers of the weight vases. Both sets of designs focus on clunky functionality. These new pieces are bold and tough – but also evoke a sense of reliable homeliness. The lamps are available in wood and cement or cement and wood and can be produced raw or tainted.

Slope Pendant Lights | Skrivo for Miniforms | Italy

©Skrivo for Miniforms – buymedesign.com

Here, Skrivo also mix two different materials (this time steel & wood) for another bold ceiling light. The conical shapes have cut out details in the beech wood which allows viewers to get a better look at the natural grain. It also gives a different shape and profile depending on the viewing angle.

Terho | Maika Puoskari | Finland

©Maika Puoskari – buymedesign.com

With Terho, Maika Puoskari has created a fantastically cozy, natural and intimate ceiling lamp  inspired by the shape of an acorn. The ‘hats’ come in many different sizes and are made with Finnish alder,  treated with natural oils. The glass bulb is made using traditional mouth-blown techniques.

Light Bean | Katerina Kopytina | Russia

©Katerina Kopytina – buymedesign.com

Kopytina’s Light Bean once again uses the natural textures of wood to draw as a mainstay in her design. Here, however, the bulb becomes a major player – protruding from the oak upper. The delightful range of 12 colorful cords offer a real sense of fun and mean you can match the piece to any interior.

And Pendant Light | Bentu | China

©Bentu – buymedesign.com

This minimalist piece combines similar materials to Achjananun’s creation, however Bentu are keeping it local with the use of bamboo. The handmade pieces address the growing dichotomy of man vs nature.