Ghost Festival, the Chinese version of Halloween, is on 16 August this year. Here is a countdown of the top 10 haunted locations in Hong Kong. Those with a faint heart, beware and read at your own risk.

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Remodelled from the old International Funeral Parlour, East Town theatre opened its doors to the public on 9 February, 1964. With 1,300 seats and equipment for playing 70mm stereo films, it was considered the best theatre in town.

However, East Town Theatre closed down within 10 short years. What happened?

The hauntings first started at the sales counter and admission entrance. Usually, the number of admission is fewer than tickets sold for the last showing but the situation was the opposite at East Town – the admission was more than tickets sold, so the manager suspected people of using counterfeit tickets but after checking, the number of stubs and tickets sold matched… Wanting to get to the bottom of things, the manager locked the main doors and did a head count, and he saw a few mysterious black shadows among the audience…

There were rumours that the morgue of the old funeral parlour was in the same location of the restrooms. One time, a man went to the restroom in the midst of showing and saw a head flashed by from the reflection in the mirror. He thought it was his mind playing tricks on him but when he looked into the mirror again, there was a head (yes, just the head) with blood flowing out its eyes. The poor man was totally spooked and had to be hospitalised for psychiatric treatment.

The management of East Town Theatre decided to close the men’s restroom temporarily, hoping news of this ghostly incident would slowly fade away and not damage business, but unfortunately, the theatre itself closed down shortly after the incident.

Intersection of Lockhart Road and Fenwick Street, Wanchai
* Today, East Town Building stands at the original site of East Town Theatre.

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