Ghost Festival, the Chinese version of Halloween, is on 16 August this year. Here is a countdown of the top 10 haunted locations in Hong Kong. Those with a faint heart, beware and read at your own risk.

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About 100 years ago, where Tsat Tsz Mui Road (literally means Seven Sisters Road) now stands was a fishing village. There were seven orphan girls who had a relationship close like sisters and they made a vow to ‘share the same destiny’ on Seven Sisters Festivals, and since then, everyone in the village called them ‘Seven Sisters’.

One day, a group of bullies came to the village and the gang leader got his eyes on one of the sisters and ordered her to marry him within three days. The seven sisters were devastated and cried for three days and three nights. On the final night, the other six sisters tried to delay the wedding procession so that the bride-to-be would have time to escape but the bullies were in hot pursuit. The seven sisters reached Tsat Tsz Mui Bay and had nowhere to run, they decided to commit suicide together by drowning so that they can ‘share the same destiny’. After witnessing this scene, the bullies retreated but within two days, all members of the gang killed themselves by seppuku (abdomen-cutting) and the bodies of the seven sisters resurfaced seven days later with their hands holding. The spot where the sisters jumped is now the intersection of Tsat Tsz Mui Road and Model Lane.

Tsat Tsz Mui Road, Healthy Village, North Point

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