Ghost Festival, the Chinese version of Halloween, is on 16 August this year. Here is a countdown of the top 10 haunted locations in Hong Kong. Those with a faint heart, beware and read at your own risk.

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>> Click Here for a List of Hong Kong Haunted Houses

When the Choi Hung station was first built in 1979, the intention was to have two tracks. Before going into operation, an engineer and a few staff did a test run from Choi Hung station to Kowloon Bay. The ride would normally take 3 to 4 minutes but staff at the Kowloon Bay station waited for more than 10 minutes and nothing…so they tried radioing the team on the train but there was no response at all. The train finally arrived 30 minutes later and the engineer and staff were found delirious and totally spooked, all members of that first test ride passed away two days after the incident. The same thing happened during the second test ride…

The management of MTR was highly concerned with the series of hauntings and hired a geomancer to investigate the incidents. The geomancer revealed that the eastward track ran straight through the Gate of Hell and must be suspended immediately to prevent any unfortunate events. Based on the advice of the geomancer, the management of MTR decided to build another track next to this haunted track which is still in use till this day.

*Choi Hung is the only MTR station with three tracks.

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