Ghost Festival, the Chinese version of Halloween, is on 16 August this year. Here is a countdown of the top 10 haunted locations in Hong Kong. Those with a faint heart, beware and read at your own risk.

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Sheung Wan was one of the first districts to be developed when Hong Kong was first colonised. During the 19th century, an epidemic outbreak killed most of its residents. After the ordeal, the area with the highest death toll was rebuilt into a park named Blake Garden.

On 7th July 1925, a retaining wall on Po Hing Fong collapsed and killed 75 people, it was the second most death count incident in Hong Kong’s history due to flood, torrent or landslide.

On a summer night in 1949, the residents of Po Hing Fong were fast asleep when they all heard a great commotion and woke up. What they saw was like a scene from the war – there were trucks roaming the streets and hundreds of refugees were running for their lives. It lasted for several minutes and all vehicles and people vanished as they entered a mist. On the next day, residents compared notes and everybody was in agreement of what they witnessed the previous night. Some believed that it was the doing of the troubled spirits of those killed in the area during the Japanese invasion.

At Blake Garden, there have also been numerous sightings of children dressed in traditional outfits playing in the park at night.

Po Hing Fong, Tai Ping Shan District, Sheung Wan

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