Ghost Festival, the Chinese version of Halloween, is on 16 August this year. Here is a countdown of the top 10 haunted locations in Hong Kong. Those with a faint heart, beware and read at your own risk.

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Located across Castle Peak Beach, the once glamourous Chi Lok Villa was built by a businessman surnamed Lo in 1955. After Lo and his family moved out in the late 1970s, the mansion was subsequently sold to a group of developers but was left abandoned afterwards. During the vacant period, rumours arose that a kidnapped businessman was murdered and buried at the location.

And in the 1990s, the mansion became the favourite spot frequented by war game enthusiasts and this was the time Chi Lok Villa gained its indisputable reputation as the premier haunted house in Hong Kong. A war gamer said a severed arm tapped him on the shoulder, the young man freaked out and ran, ending up breaking his own arm in the process.

Another ghostly sighting happened in 1994 – a driver passed by Chi Lok Villa at night and saw that the mansion was fully lit and filled with people, so out of curiosity, the man sneaked in the garden to take a closer look. He witnessed a group of ‘people’ dancing at a party and one of the guests, a lady in red, noticed the driver and waved at him…

Chi Lok Villa was finally bought by another property developer in 2006 and was torn down in August the same year.

116 Castle Peak Road, Tuen Mun
*Chi Lok Villa was a popular shooting location for films in Hong Kong during the 1960s.

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