As summer winds down and autumn approaches, you may find your skin and lips getting dry. You may even have discomfort skin and itchiness if you got sensitive skin or eczema like housewife dermatitis. So start the season off right with our simple tip. Not only it can help improve skin condition by eliminating allergens, it can also help protect the environment and reduce global warming.

Before we introduce the simple solution, let’s take a look at the possible underlying cause of dry skin. Being the body’s largest organ, skin acts as a shield to regulate body temperature and protect the body from external stimuli. Dry air, hot or cold weather, ultraviolet radiation, and chemical substances are all general stimuli that can dry out your skin. They can also act as irritants that trigger allergic skin reactions, especially for those who have sensitive skin or eczema. Depending on the amount and strength of allergen exposure, the resulted allergic reactions can cause various degrees of skin problems.

Of all the possible allergen exposure, skin contact with household cleaning product is the most common one to worry about. Most of these cleaning products contain dangerous levels of toxic chemicals and salts, which are pollutants that severely affect our skin and natural ecosystems today. As the majority of people use these products for cleaning, large amount of polluted wastewater are being generated that flows through our sewage system into the ocean. This affects our worldwide ocean circulation, which in turn changes the climate and exacerbates the problem of global warming. The resulted global climate change causes many natural disasters that are happening more and more in recent years: severe droughts, grain shortage, rainforest destruction due to constant fires, biodiversity reduction, sea level rises, and many more. 

To help reduce skin pollutant’s exposure and prevent further damages to our natural ecosystems, we must stop using chemical cleaning products now. Alternatively, you can use environmentally friendly cleaning products that are certified by government or independent environmental organizations. These green-certified products do not contain harmful chemicals but only natural ingredients derived from plants.  For example, natural laundry detergent made from organic vegetable oils contains soy extracts that can help soften clothes. Without damaging the earth, it can also help protect your family’s sensitive skin. 

There are eco-friendly brands that offer an alternative while you clean. Many of them have dedicated years of work to develop and manufacture green, eco-friendly and natural cleaning products for all household and pets, which the products are recognized by various US Government, EU Government and independent rating agencies for their outstanding quality, performance, safety and contribution towards the benevolent of the environment. Eco-friendly brands such as Earth Friendly offers consumers a reliable way of cleaning without harming anyone and the environment. 

By providing high quality of natural extract ingredients, most certified eco-friendly products might be a bit more expensive than the deleterious petroleum-based cleaning products. But in the long run, they can actually save you more money on health care and environmental related costs. Not only you will be much healthier, you will also be doing the earth a big favor by protecting it from the terrifying build-up of pollutants in our ocean, ultimately putting the brakes on global warming. So start cleaning with green and eco-friendly products now!