We all want to be original and express ourselves with our phone cases, but somehow we all wind up with similar looking accessories. Not so with these babies. We’ve found six unique phone cases in ten different, innovative materials that you never thought you could make cases out of. Get yourself one of these and everyone down at the pub will be reaching over for a feel.

Sexy Silicon

The jazzy silicon used by Loop Attachment for these bright and unique phone cases is not only attractive but also rather functional. Used minimally in a semi-bondage fashion means that the cases let the iPhone’s original features (and buttons/sockets) through while adding a bit of design and protection.

© Photo by Buymedesign.com

Courageous Cork

Make a real statement with this Eco pouch by Lento. Cork is the totally bang on trend for 2014 and it’s making a real name for its environmentally positive qualities. You’ll just love the texture and its spongy nature is sure to absorb any of those knocks and bumps our phones are subjected too.

© Photo by Buymedesign.com

Cool Canvas

From the boys at North and Sparrow and oozing sheer class, this sleeve is made of a delightfully robust and eccentric coated canvas outer and a sensually smooth leather inner. The quilted effect on the outside is not only visually appealing it offers greater protection.

© Photo by Buymedesign.com

Perfect Paper

Renowned for their paper-folding skills, this unique design comes from Japan. The recycled paper may not be the most durable option available but it certainly will turn heads. And I bet you never thought you would be assembling your own iPhone case.

© Photo by Buymedesign.com

Fabulously Fabric

They say that fashion has a strong influence on the design industry. Well these fabric iPhone 5 cases certainly go a long way to proving that. Choose your favourite pattern or material: there are stripes, checks, polka dots, denim, corduroy and much more. Not machine washable unfortunately.

© Photo by Buymedesign.com

Baffling Bamboo

Bamboo is another hot trend when it comes to materials for 2014. Get it on your phone with Grovemade’s ethically sourced bamboo unique phone cases. They give a lovely warm feeling and add a little something exotic to a humdrum everyday existence. Watch out for hungry pandas.

© Photo by Buymedesign.com
Information provided by Founder of Buymedesign.com, Florence Coirier Giraudon.