Moving is one of the biggest causes of stress for everyone – whether you are moving for the first time or the tenth time, there’s always emotional stress that comes with relocating your home. If packing and rearranging items is taking a toll on your mental health, here are a few ways to reduce the stress of moving!

Pack in advance

The key to managing stress levels is to plan ahead – to avoid doing everything last minute and causing your stress levels to spike, try packing a few weeks or even a few months ahead. Packing little and often does the trick, as it reduces your workload over a long period of time. To make the process more enjoyable and less mundane, listen to your favourite upbeat tunes while packing.

Update your residential address before the move

One of the things that often slips movers’ minds is changing their residential address to the new one. Although most businesses and organizations have gone online, residential addresses are still crucial for confidential documents from the bank and tax forms from the government. If you’re unclear on the type of organizations that require your updated residential address, try making a list the next time you receive letters as a reminder.

Hire a professional moving company

Although hiring a professional company may be a little expensive, this will definitely ease the moving process, as the movers will provide the muscles needed for moving heavy furniture and a van as a convenient mode of transportation. To get the best deal, we recommend doing extensive research on moving companies and booking as early as possible.

Buy household insurance

To protect yourself from broken or missing items from the move, you should consider purchasing household insurance. However, please make sure that the terms and conditions of your household insurance cover the damages caused by professional movers. To maximize your chances of getting a refund, don’t forget to take photos of your furniture and other fragile items before the move.

Ask friends to help out

One of the true signs of friendship is when your friend willingly helps you out during your move. Other than providing an extra pair of hands, your friends can also improve your mood and reduce your stress levels on the big day. Don’t forget to buy your friends dinner to thank them for their hard work!