Retreating from overused minimalist designs, E F Design Limited designer Eric Fung dreams up a sumptuous and opulent interior for a duplex penthouse at The Sorrento.

Minimalism has been widely used for interior designs in Hong Kong in recent years, but this style did not win the hearts of an overseas couple, who own this duplex apartment in the West Kowloon, with a window view looking out over Victoria Harbour.

The homeowners recruited E F Design Limited designer Eric Fung to bring in high-end furniture to echo with its prestigious décor.

A large number of structural walls in the condo could not be modified as it is newly built. Despite the limited space, Fung managed to complete the apartment in a glorious riot of extravagance that radiates a sense of luxurious subtlety.

For example, the standard porch has been transformed into a round-arched porch to highlight the imposing entrance to the living room; the first stair of the stairway to the upper floor has also been widened to add an opulent touch to the space.

Carrara marble from Italy has been used to adorn the flooring all the way up to the walls to add layers to the texture, coupled with wall décor and reflective mirror finishes to visually extend the space.

On the furnishing front, the homeowners were willing to pay more for high-end furniture and decorative items to go along with the prestigious décor, including a sofa set from Fendi Casa, bedroom lighting from Versace, ceiling lights from Saint Louis and a crystal chandelier to glam up the living space.