Every parent wants their kids to do well in school and have a bright future. Though unlike the dynasty period when scoring high in the imperial examination is a quick ticket to fame, obtaining a degree has become a ‘mandatory’ these days, so parents are working extra hard to provide their kids with the perfect studying environment.

In Feng Shui, we can place the study desk at the education corner to boost your child’s concentration when studying. To determine where the education corner is, we can use the floor plan of your home or your child’s birthday.

Among all the lucky stars, Flying Star 4 represents education and some households like to change the location of the study desk every year based on the distribution of the lucky stars. This seems logical but not practical because even during the dynasty period, emperors didn’t change the location of their studies every year.

It will be too complicated to explain how the education corner can be determined based on a home’s floor plan, so I will just share with you the birthday method. We can follow a simple rule of thumb.

Rule of Thumb for Locating the Education Corner:
Southeast if you were born in a year that ends with 4; south if it ends with 5; southwest for 6 and 8, west for 7 and 9; northwest for 0, north for 1, and northeast for 2; and finally, east for 3.

This rule of thumb is based on the celestial stem of the birth year.

Celestial Stem Jia (甲) Yi (乙) Bing & Wu (丙戊) Ding & Ji (丁己) Geng (庚) Xin (辛)  Ren (壬)  Gui (癸)
Year 4 5 6, 8 7, 9 0 1 2 3
Direction Southeast South Southwest West Northwest North Northeast East


Simply look at the last digit of the birth year (western calendar), for example, the education corner for a person born in 2016 is southwest and west if born in 1979.

1. In Chinese Geomancy, the solar term ‘Spring Commences’ marks the beginning of a new year. Generally, ‘Spring
    Commences’ falls on February 4 or 5, so if a child was born on January 31, 2016, which is before ‘Spring Commences’,
    the year 2015 should be used to determine the education corner.
2. This rule of thumb can also be used with the celestial stem of the birthdate.

Aside from placing the study desk at the education corner, there is another key factor we need to pay attention to – is the place the most appropriate for the study desk? Make sure your child is not facing any door or street, or sitting under a crossbeam because these are all hazards that can affect concentration and focus. This is why we cannot solely base on the education corner to determine where to place the study desk.

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