Mugs and cups are everywhere. Whether it’s coffee, tea, or even a hot chocolate we all use mugs and cups to consume our hot beverages every day.But what if your mug could do a lot more than simply hold your liquid of choice? These mug and cup designs will jazz up your coffee table the next time you have guests over for a cuppa.

Crockery for Sketch

A charming set of ceramics has been designed for the Gallery at Michelin-starred restaurant Sketch in London. Shrigley has patterned white ceramic ableware with satirical drawings, patterns and text, which will be used to serve chef Pierre Gagnaire’s new summer afternoon tea menu. “I’m delighted to be working with Sketch on such an exciting commission,” said Shrigley. Of particular note is the cup and saucer featuring childlike graphics.

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Giraffe Cup

Ever want to give the humble cup a slightly higher stature? Raúl Lázaro’s Giraffe Cup shows us that a little bit of cup design can easily spark the imagination. This leggy cup is bound to be an exotic conversation starter. Just don’t serve tea in it to your more clumsy guests.

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Morning Melt Mug

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Without a solid start you’re unlikely to make it through to sundown. Milk is an integral part of breakfast. This mug presents the illusion of flowing milk and is a gentle reminder to partake of the most important meal of the day.

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Coffee Cookie Cup

We all like a sweet treat to accompany our morning coffee and so Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi has made the cookie and integral part of the coffee experience by creating this cookie cup design. It’s environmentally friendly, as there’s no need for washing or icky paper cups. The trick is in the sugar coating that stops the cup shape from getting soggy immediately. Here’s hoping you like your morning espresso sweet.

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Floating Mug

How many times have you finished a delicious cup of coffee to find that you’ve left a horrible ring stain on the table? Well, the magical Floating Mug utilises a unique drip-catch design to control the flow of moisture away from your precious furniture. The drips simply run down the side of the mug and collect at the base. A revolution of mug and cup design, the Floating Mug is an optical illusion of beauty of strength.

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Bathing Girls Tea Cup

Designer Esther Horchner has cleverly illustrated the inside of each Bathing Girls tea cup with a bathing beauty so that each figure appears to be swimming in the tea. For those days when you’re feeling more demure, each spoon comes with a swimsuit on it so the girls don’t have to bathe au naturel.

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