For students starting a new phase of life in university, it must be quite a headache flat hunting before the term begins. Worry not, finding the most suitable neighbourhood near your school is not as difficult as it seems.

Fo Tan

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Also along the MTR East Rail, Fo Tan is only one stop away from University Station. Though Fo Tan consists of an industrial district, it is an economical and convenient choice, and there has been continuous redevelopment and conversion work going on in the industrial district. Flats in Fo Tan are relatively larger, starting at 600+ square feet which means rent is going to be higher, so it is a good idea to find a flat mate.

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Though Shatin is a bit farther than CUHK and Fo Tan, the neighbourhood offers residents a one-stop convenience completed with shopping malls, grocery shopping, restaurants and bars and entertainment. Equipped with all the amenities a community needs, Shatin naturally provides plenty of choices when you are flat hunting. Renting in Shatin is relatively cheaper, a 300+ square feet flat costs around $7000 to $9900.

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