The Joy of SpaceSince its founding in 1996, JMI has been committed to creating functional, modern interiors for individual homes and multinational offices alike.

Have you always worked in interiors or did you come from another industry?
“I studied graphics and photography before [getting into] interior design, and I’m interested in fashion and fine arts as well. Anything beautiful inspires me and draws my attention.”

Do you have a particular style you follow, or is there a style you would call your own?
“I like working in interior design because it is a complicated exercise. To complete a successful project we have to consider all the senses of 2D and 3D aesthetics, human feeling, as well as deal with design management, time management, quality control, and cost.”

Past Projects
What project of yours are you really proud of? What made it so challenging or exciting?
“The first project I was really proud of was designing the first Head Office of HKSAR in Beijing. It was a rare opportunity. But the project I like most is the one we designed and built at Plantation Road on the Peak. It is a modern classic house, not a new or trendy design approach. But we used a modern way to handling ‘European Classic’, which I like and feel is appropriate for bigger sized houses and younger families.”

Wish List
What would you like to try designing that you haven’t yet?
“I hope and target to build more interior spaces in future with personalised design, tailormade for different users, and I simply hope the user can share in the joy of building their space throughout the process.”