Most of us are unashamed to admit our love for tech as well as the accessories that increasingly go with it. Day after day we stumble upon striking new pieces that are guaranteed to make our gadget lives easier, funkier, and sexier, as this treasure trove of piping hot accessories for this week makes clear.

The Ostrich Pillow Junior

The Ostrich Pillow Junior contains all the comforting features of the original with some tweaks for the younger napper. The pillow is obviously a little smaller, but still features the same head hugging shape with one hole for your face and two for your hands. The biggest difference is that the face hole is larger on the kids’ version, allowing for mouth, nose and eyes all to be visible at once. This is bound to give peace of mind to parents as their little ones doze. The Ostrich Pillow Junior comes in two brand new colour schemes: Dreamy Waves and Berry Snooze.(HK$584)

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Auto Bookmark

Stop what you’re doing. We’ve just discovered a product that is going to change the way you read books forever. No, it’s not an e-reader; it’s a ruddy clever little bookmark from our friends at Siliconcept. Welcome, the auto bookmark. With e-readers replacing paper books left and right and centre, we may have just stumbled upon the one little invention that could save print.(HK$91)

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iPhone Pillow

This pillow may look soft but it’s made out of cement so it’s actually very hard. Made in New York, the pillow is hand-cast gypsum cement and is a fantastically sleek place to lay your iPhone to rest. And, it’s cleverer than it looks. Precisely cast to snugly fit your iPhone 5 as well as having a secret indent on the underside, Snarkitecture’s iPhone Pillow allows your charger wire to be neatly tucked away.(HK$527)

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Soot has come up with a range of bags that can keep your tech gadgets functioning for up to two weeks off the grid. Each bag contains a 10,000 mAh battery, which I’m told is remarkably slim but still packs a significant power punch. There are two different varieties, the mini messenger and the commuter. The former is a little hand day bag ideal for trekking around the city, the latter a slightly bigger rucksack. Attach them together and you’ve got the carry-on that’s also perfect for a week in the woods.(HK$768)

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This is a popular iPhone case perfect for those of you who aren’t quite ready to give up on the 20th century; sticky notes for the back of your iPhone. We know what you’re thinking — there are apps for that. Well, it’s still easier to jot something down on a sticky note, and more satisfying to cross off an item with real ink. With Paperback, you can do a quick sketch or make a list the old-fashioned way, and slap it on the back of your phone.(HK$62)

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Easily the most adorable tech gadget accessory I’ve ever laid eyes on, Arpheo Design’s Hug is a cute little wall-mounted koala that reliably grips all your fiddly peripheral parts. The tiny little animal attaches to a wall or other flat surface and can then be used to hold a loose cable or keep wires out of the way. Actually, the koala is not so fussy — it’ll grab onto anything that you put into its arms.(HK$58)

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Information provided by Founder of, Florence Coirier Giraudon.