In Feng Shui, we use different creatures to represent front, back, left and right ― ‘Green Dragon on the left, White Tiger on the right, Red Phoenix in the front, Black Tortoise in the back.’ When shopping for a new home, what we seek is ‘mountains encircling water’, which is like arms embracing and protecting the property and enables luck and fortune to collect. However, if the Green Dragon and White Tiger both face outward like outreaching arms, this will stop fortune from being stored and will affect family harmony.

When choosing a property, especially when it comes to housing estate, we can utilize the above concept and use the building we live in as the focal point (the main entrance of building dictates the orientation), and determine if your property is well situated. Chinese Geomancy is based on Yin and Yang, so moderation is the best policy, so it is best to pick a property that is in the centre and has an equal amount of space on both sides to maintain a balance. This is the reason why people living in properties that are in the same estate, orientation or block vary in luck.

For example, for a single building, we can pay attention to the height of buildings on both sides to determine whether the ‘Dragon’ or ‘Tiger’ is more dominant.

Simply put, we can determine how much luck is in store and what the potential hazards are based on the ‘Green Dragon’ on the left and ‘White Tiger’ on the right, but firstly, we have to understand how to read the signs:

Green Dragon: Represents male, benefactors, career
White Tiger: Represents females, accidents, backstabbers

Feng Shui is about moderation and balance. If an element is too strong or too weak, it will lead imbalances. If the ‘White Tiger’ is stronger at home, it means the women will call the shots and be more dominant. The same applies to the workplace. In fact, there are two types of dominance: ‘Interior’ and ‘Exterior’, with ‘Interior’ referring to the rooms of a home. If the rooms, kitchen and bathroom are situated on the same side, it means that side is more dominant. As for ‘Exterior’, pay attention to surrounding buildings, for example, there are nine blocks in a housing estate, if you live in Block Five and equally have four blocks on each side, you are in a well-balance location. And if you live in Block 8, with more blocks on the right, it means the ‘Tiger’ is stronger than the ‘Dragon’. When choosing a property, if your left side is ‘longer’ and extends to the front of the building, it will help your luck in wealth and career advancement.

If there are road and external hazards on the ‘White Tiger’ (left side), you might get into accidents easily; if the ‘White Tiger’ is lower than the ‘Green Dragon’, you might get into trouble with backstabbers.

If there are road and external hazards on the ‘Green Dragon’ (right side), men in the household might easily suffer external injuries ; if the ‘Green Dragon’ is lower than the ‘White Tiger’, you might experience increased stress at work.

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