The Art of LivingEstablished in 2002, Ample Design lets itself be guided by one simple premise: to improve our living environments and enhance the quality of life. The young, energetic team offers services ranging from initial design all the way through to construction, from offices in Singapore and Chengdu as well as at home in Hong Kong. Square Foot chats with design director Louis Lau.

How, or maybe why, did Ample Design come to be?
Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Each client has a sense of art, who is subjective with an individualised aesthetic, and who is looking for [a particular level] of living quality. But at the same time, they are susceptible to external factors and some misconceptions that make them unable to elaborate their own talent. The role of a designer is to create the client’s painting in the real world and create a gorgeous and unique space.

Can you describe your approach to interiors?
We believe that each work should be immersed with a customer’s personal artistic elements. For instance, it can simply be their own paintings or decorative items. At a mature level it can be an application of mosaic tiles, wooden sculpture or lighting projection to feature the photo of the client. At the advanced level, it’s to apply abstract expression for manifestation. For example, the meaning of expression of an artistic design through a plane composition is generally not easy for people to grasp. But it’s necessary to stay interacted with in order to catch the idea. We hope to achieve a unique space with the customer’s self-cultivation of art, and to create the feeling of “home” for them.
Through communication with customers, designers gain a deep understanding of their needs. We study their psychological factors as well, to know how to make them feel comfortable and excited, and yet still fulfil their needs. In the meantime, we help to cultivate their minds and mould their temperaments. The result is a piece of practical art.

Past Projects
How has this manifested in some of your past projects?
Space is just the same as drawing paper, and each has a different personality. While a designer bases [their work] on the characteristics of the building and its own environmental factors, then makes use of the principles of the characteristics of material and architectural aesthetics to create the space combined with features, comfort and beauty.

Have you noticed any trends emerging that fit in with your philosophy?
Actually we don’t follow any trends like material, colour, style and so on. Every project is custom made, unique and fit for our client’s needs. All these are based on our concepts of forms following function and that less is more. And we hope our designs are long lasting, and won’t grow outdated.

Wish List
What’s next?
We believe, we can’t control our business future or development and we just want to do our best on every single project at this moment. This is simple and practical. But from a business perspective, I already spend some time on design education, and in the future I would like to put more effort into that, to share my experiences and knowledge with young people who love design and want to join this field.