GUZHEN, China, Nov. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The 16th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair was successfully concluded at the Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre on October 26th, 2015. The 5-day exhibition was sponsored by China Association of the Lighting Industry (CALI), Zhongshan Municipal People’s Government, and organized by Bureau of Commerce of Zhongshan City, Guzhen Township People’s Government of Zhongshan, Guzhen Lighting Expo Co., Ltd.

The 16th Guzhen Lighting Fair bustling with oceans of visitors
The 16th Guzhen Lighting Fair bustling with oceans of visitors

Altogether, 234,373 visitors from home and abroad were attracted to this short 5-day exhibition. The main hall saw 68,194 visitors, including 3,419 from 112 countries and regions. The number of visitors had an increase of 20% over the number in 2014. The whole site was crowded with traders from domestic and overseas markets.

Today, based on the highlight of the procurement model "1 Exhibition Hall + 5 Trade Marts," Guzhen Lighting fair further develops this mode of innovation, forming the whole new structure with the Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre as the main hall, and five great trade marts of Light Cube LED City, STAR ALLIANCE Lighting & LED Expo Center, Lighting Era Center, Besun Lighting Plaza, and Taigu Lighting Plaza as integrated parts. The area of the main hall covered over 30,000 sqm, attracting 616 distinguished enterprises. Many renowned domestic and overseas enterprises, including Opple Lighting, NationStar Optoelectronics and Huayi Lighting, participated. Of the enterprises, 143 were from Gudong Province, excluding the local city, and 55 from other provinces of China. Various kinds of products covering the whole production chain both in the up-stream and down-stream, including commercial lighting, electric lighting, outdoor lighting, LED lighting and lighting accessories, could be seen. The whole new design was widely applied in the comprehensive product catalogues.

The grand opening ceremony of the 16th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair and 2015 Guzhen Lighting Festival was held at the Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre at 10:30 am on October 22, 2015. The China Association of Lighting Industry (CALI), China National Light Industry Council (CNLIC), and provincial and municipal governors attended the ceremony. A series of activities took place at the ceremony: the signing ceremony of the "Guzhen-South Africa Joint Construction of Lighting Experience Hall," issuing the letter of appointment of the "Public Welfare Propaganda Ambassador" to Mr. Su Bingtian, issuing commercial tablets to cultivation units of the country’s direct selling base, awarding innovation and business start-up platforms, such as the "China Lighting Capital and International Innovator Centre," awarding the tablet of "Production Base for the China Lighting Industry," announcing re-certification documents of the "evaluation of Guzhen Town as China’s Lighting Capital," issuing the Honorary Certificate and issuing the Award of Outstanding Contribution of China’s Lighting Capital. The opening ceremony of the 16th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair solemnly commenced with a gun salute.

With the participation of persons of authority in the lighting industry, there were plenty of meetings, forums and activities, such as "2015 Seminar on Property Rights Protection of Lighting Industry," "Global Lighting Designer Salon," "2015 China International Lighting Design Competition Nominee Works Comments," "The 12th China Lighting Capital Industry Summit Forum," "Award Presentation Ceremony of The 16th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair Exhibits Contest & 2015 China International Lighting Design Competition Awards," "The 1st China Lighting Capital Direct-sales Base Forum," and the "Area Brand Building Experience Exchange." Experts and professional teams gathered to discuss market information, technology development and enterprise development approaches guiding the new fashions of the lighting industry. Focusing on the existing hotspots, these activities initiated a brainstorm to help with industry upgrading and enterprise development, resulting in a win-win situation.

This exhibition also promotes for the first time a "special decorative lighting area" with the combination of innovation, art and technology where all the lighting enterprises show off their best products and capacities based on the theme of decorative lighting. The exhibition combines lighting with space, innovation, design and technology, and not only creates visual shock for the visitors, but also encourages their deeper reflection on the product and the industry. In addition, in order to optimize the exhibition’s participation effect and enrich the visiting experience for the dealers, the organizer also promoted "Business Matching Meeting" for overseas purchasers, which effectively drew buyers closer to suppliers and was provided with ad-hoc, on-the-spot meetings to overseas visitors.

Together with the fair, the First Guzhen Lighting Festival was held on October 21-27. The fair and the festival constitute the most distinguished feature of "Visiting the Exhibition during the day while enjoying the lighting at the night." With Renmin Square as the centre, the lighting festival radiates toward the areas of Zhongxing Avenue and East Dongxing Rd. Twenty-eight lighting decoration scenery spots and seven performance sites were set along the road in which a festooned vehicle cruise, music fountain, light cube lighting show, Liufang Dragon Dance and Night Dragon Lighting, etc. were performed as part of a seven-day cultural feast for the visitors. Based on the theme of "Guzhen Dream, Zhongshan Dream and China Dream," the lighting festival fully combined local lighting with technical and cultural elements to demonstrate lighting effects, a stunning nightscape and unique lighting charm, as well as organically integrating the colorful lighting theme culture with the lighting industry and touristic cultural resources of Guzhen Town to promote the industries of the town.

The 16th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair has concluded successfully with the performance to price ratio, exhibits and people oriented services. The exhibition has proven to be a high-end exhibition welcomed unanimously by visitors from home and abroad. The 17th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) is under close preparation and is planned for March 18-21, 2016 in the Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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