Time for tea? We’ve rounded out the most intriguing and exciting tableware and dining accessories for the tea table. Be sure to impress your guests when you next have them over for some light refreshments with all these brilliant tea-related design gems.

Angry Pig Infuser

If you’ve never seen a swimming pig, here it is. Careful not to provoke it too much as it’s got a smoky temper. The Angry Pig infuser is designed for all kinds of whole and broken leaf teas. Tea is gently infused through holes in the pig’s stomach and its big nostrils. You will have a really “angry” pig if you are making black tea. The detachable stick can be used to poke the pig to accelerate the infusing process. And it can be used for stirring or decoration as well.

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Centrepiece Petal Chandelier

Brighten up your table with a gleam of sophistication with the Centerpiece Petals table chandelier by Bonnsu. This is a portable LED lamp meant to become a decorative alternative to candles and flowers, suitable for events such as weddings or whenever you want to create a romantic and cosy mood.

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Anchor Tea Helper

The Anchor Tea Helper keeps your tea bag from falling into your tea. Simply stick the tea helper on to your mug with the specially designed suction cup, wrap your teabag string around it, and you’re ready for hassle-free tea. It comes in a set of three buttons and is available in navy blue, hot red and tiffany blue. Easily reusable and made from silicone rubber it is designed to be green tableware.

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Tablewear Table Runner

Blue Hour’s Tablewear is designer clothing for your table, and its playful details and accessories from the clothing industry making it a very sophisticated piece of tableware. Beautifully designed to celebrate tea time with friends and family, Tablewear is made of the finest rami fabric which has a fragile, almost transparent character but is a strong, durable choice.

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Revo – Teas Scoop and Infuser

Revo is a revolutionary two-in-one tea scoop and infuser. It is stylish and extremely easy to use and best of all, it’s clean. The magnet at the high end is used for alignment and locking. Simply swipe open to use the base as a scoop and snap the lid on to secure the tea leaves inside under magnetic force. Steep and enjoy your tea. REVO is made from food-grade bamboo fibre and is 100 percent eco-friendly.

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Plant – The Leaf Pick

This one is just great for those teatime treats, like finger sandwiches, cakes and biscuits but Plant The Leaf Pick is designed for any cocktail or hors-d’oeuvre tray. The double-pronged tips make picking and handling food a breeze and creates a lively and joyful atmosphere. It comes in a set of 10 picks, with two-colour mixes. These leaf picks are reusable and made from food-grade plastic. It’s designed to be a green and easily hand washed piece of tableware.

© Photo by Buymedesign.com
Information provided by Founder of Buymedesign.com, Florence Coirier Giraudon.