Take a SeatSitting on milk crates (remember that?), crashing in a smelly bean bag chair or flopping on a cushion of indeterminate origin may have worked for most of us back in our university days, but with regular employment and middle-aged spread (face it, you can’t fight it) comes the desire and ability to indulge in more comfortable seating options when you step out onto your terrace, roof or lawn.

With a showroom in venerable Horizon Plaza, Marc James Design stocks one of Hong Kong’s broadest ranges of home interior accessories, from lighting to lifestyle items. Among those is the Skagerak Lido chair, an elegant and slinky teak lounger, a less bulky Muskoka chair if you will, ideal for anyone with enough room to move. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but be warned: you could lose guests to a nap. If you’re keen on keeping guests alert, a perkier MJD item is the Flux, a 10-pound retractable polypropylene chair that’s as durable as it is lightweight. For those of us with little in the way of space, the Flux in its compact configuration makes storage easy. Also? Built-in handles make it portable for picnics and cushions in four colours make it a bit softer on the tush.

Seeing as you’re already in Ap Lei Chau you may as well head up (down?) to Everything Under the Sun and check out the shop’s latest additions to its portfolio of outdoor furniture. Now in the store is the Kettal Vieques line, a collection of rockers that are also design award winners (Arena Design, Poznan). The Vieques’ aluminium frame is covered with an innovative and textured three-dimensional organic fabric reproduction: Nido d’Ape. Also at EUTS are Gloster’s Asta and versatile Nomad. The stackable and weatherproof Asta is brushed stainless with sling seats in a range of bright colours. The funky Nomad series can be broken down and reconfigured on a whim, making it one of the more adaptable options out there. The relatively light free standing frames feature eight removable, quick-change, quick-dry covers — so you can have flowers and stripes for the daytime tomfoolery and muted blues and black for evening ambience. Lastly, the woven back Kingston sunchair looks like something straight out of a resort and is perfect for the private corner. The Kingston will do nothing to discourage hours of reading and, once again, napping.

Finally a stop at TREE will reveal the latest by Belgian Lloyd Loom specialist in the Vincent Sheppard Outdoor Collection, which is lightweight, durable — all items are UV-proof and water-resistant — and above all comfortable; because of the open weave you don’t have to fear hot, sweaty thighs sticking to the seat (um, eww). The Vincent Sheppard series has enough options to ensure something to fit whatever space you have. Choices include the adjustable Deauville lounger and more standard Deauville armchair, the armless dining-style Monaco and the Gigi barstool for those with really tight space. Each can be complemented with a side table, and all seating comes in a broken white that will blend in with almost anything else in the chosen space — which could include grass if you’re really lucky. Just remember not to put the Gigi too close to the railing if you’re on a high floor.