Success & AssociatesS&A combines science and art in a winning formula

Since 1987, Success and Associate Engineering Co. has been planning, designing and executing interiors for small studio owners and multinational conglomerates alike. Focused on blending innovation, quality and cost-effectiveness in timeless design, the team of 30 professionals takes its clients from the very start of a project to the bitter end. Square Foot chats with senior interior designer Jacky Wu.

Your company is called an engineering firm and does a lot of institutional work. How do you modify that for small, single residential projects?
Our approach to residential projects is viewed in the context of our client’s requirements. Even small residential projects can be difficult when you work with tight budgets and schedules. So everything we do is organised around providing the best possible work to our clients. Regardless of size, complexity or location we will still focused and true to the value the importance of small projects.

Your work covers everything from planning to design. Does managing a project on every level help you create a better final product?
Definitely. Designing a final product is all about planning and managing. We believe that a design is the result of a tri-party relationship between the designer, the client and the space. We hope managing at different level helps to create a final product that is as unique as the client for whom it is designed.

After almost 30 years, what kind of changes have you noticed in Hong Kong’s design and architecture over that time?
I think today people are more knowledgeable in terms of design, trends and materials. They simply ask for full set of drawings. Before, there is no such thing as a design fee or a 3D rendering. 3D drawings just did not exist 30 years ago. Also, there are certainly more restrictions now. So you have to consider the regulations before you design.

What is the single biggest design trend you’ve noticed emerging over the last few years?
Modern design trends have gained popularity by blending the natural and cultural with each other. For instance, neutral colours like beiges, ivories and browns have gained popularity. Modern “natural” consists of neutral tones for walls, ceilings, furniture and accessories. Wood- and stone-like materials to create a softer look and feel [are more common], whereas furniture is kept modern and minimal in neutral tones. So overall it’s a calming and comforting style that is emerging.