Did you know the positioning of the doorways and windows can affect your finances? Apparently, direct alignment between the doorway and windows will channel out the wealth energy that could have circulate around your home!
Having the entranceway facing a window or the balcony is for ventilation purposes, however, this situation makes it very difficult to growth your finances. As mentioned in <a a="" 10 NOs in Household Feng Shui, “Qi” can be interrupted as positive energy or wealth. When Qi enters your home through the doorway, instead of staying inside your home; it immediately leaves through the windows. This scenario applies to your finances, it comes and it goes. 

If you are currently living in a home that comes with such settings, it might not be an easy task to change it overnight. So, how do we keep the “Qi” from leaving the home?
The first thing that comes to mind would be to block out the windows with curtains, right? Well, this is another NO. Keeping the windows shut or having curtains down, at all times, will also block out fresh air and sunlight. Instead of keeping positive energy, the dark and stale space intensifies negativity.

Here are a few tips on getting around the circumstances:

Tall Furniture or Partitions
Placing tall furniture such as cabinet or room divider screen between the windows and the doorway can redirect the energy flow, keeping the “Qi” and avoiding the collection of negativity.

Sheer Curtains
Curtain is an alternative in slowing down the flow of “Qi”, sheer curtains or other semi-transparent materials are great ideas for these circumstances. Instead of blocking out light or airflow, sheer curtains allows light to enter and slows down circulation.

Another common practice that reduces wealth accumulation is the space behind your door. Most homes in Hong Kong are relatively packed and we all want to make the best of the space. It is a common practice to keep a shoe rack or a cabinet behind the door to maximize storage space. If this “behind-the-door storage” space is blocking your door from opening widely, this will also stop “Qi” or the positive energy from entering your home. Hence, the lessened wealth.

Want to accumulate more wealth? The rule-of-thumb is: (1) Redirecting the Qi, (2) Keep clutters away from your entrance and doorway!

You can also consider this… Ladies, stop buying that extra pair of shoes! This could be an addition to your fortune, killing two birds with one stone!