Gaggenau: Vario Cooling 400 Series
Based in Munich, Gaggenau’s Vario Cooling 400 Series includes 14 refrigerators, freezers, fridge freezer combos and wine climate cabinets, all with precisely controlled climate zones for ideal food and drink storage conditions.

Lit by LED light pillars, their bright and practical stainless steel interiors optimise space. Rated energy efficiency class A+ or A++, shelves are made from hardened safety glass that can be manually or motor adjusted while fully loaded. Drawers are fully extendable and the appliances are equipped with no-frost technology to dispense with defrosting. Heavy duty hinges allow a door opening angle of 115 degrees for easy access to everything within. |

Sub-Zero: New Generation Integrated Fridge
Founded in 1945 in Madison, Wisconsin, Sub-Zero is a market leader in chic refrigeration products. Its new generation integrated fridges offer virtually invisible vents and hinges to streamline them fully into your kitchen cabinets. A wide range of sizes allows them to be customised to fit any décor, with its trademark stainless steel front swapping out for different bespoke panels. Along with its signature features such as dual refrigeration to keep the fridge and freezer compartments completely separate and advanced air purification developed from NASA technology, Sub-Zero’s latest fridges will ensure food and drinks are kept fresher for longer while looking great in your kitchen. |

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