With local property prices steadily rising over the past several years, owning a home has become a distant hope for many living in Hong Kong. As expensive to buy property as it is, we still need a roof over our heads. Trying to earn extra income usually results in spending it even quicker on things that are not property. Other than practical channels, feng shui settings can also come handy.

In order to afford property in one of the world’s least affordable housing markets, the first step is to keep your hard-earned money in your pocket. The following settings may give you some sound advice on maintaining wealth.

Easy Come, Not So Easy Go

From the feng shui perspective, direct alignment between the doorway and windows will channel out wealth. This is particularly the case for residences with diamond-shaped floor plans. Placing tall furniture such as cabinets or room divider screens between the windows and the doorway can redirect the energy flow. In addition, curtains are an alternative in slowing down the flow of wealth energy.

Read Between The Lines

Believe it or not, the shape of our nose reveals our financial management. Wealth energy easily leaks out through outward pointing nostrils. Keeping moustache may slow down the outflow of wealth. Another way of revealing the direction of your financial luck is to interpret the heart line — the top horizontal one of the three main palm lines. If the length of heart line extends from the pinky finger to the point between the index and middle fingers, it may imply weakness in money saving. Wearing a ring on the middle finger is a possible way to retain the wealth energy.

Sharing It Wisely

Just as dental cleaning or donating blood can reduce the possibilities of bloodshed or surgery, monetary donations can actually help keeping money from spilling out of your coffers. The key is to give money from the bottom of your heart and selflessly serve others. No one has ever become poor by giving. With the start of a new year, let’s get into the habit of giving. May wealth be with you throughout this exciting year.