To tackle the recent slowdown in the property market, technology is the answer. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the brand, Squarefoot is giving out special offers to our members to attend an exclusive summit to keep up with current trends. Learn from industry pioneers and expert speakers on how you can maximize your property sales effectiveness through the deployment of the latest technological advancements.

Orgainsed by Smart Expo, a member of iProperty Group, Frontline Summit is a two-day event in Macau converging the industry’s leading professionals and speakers, including chairman of Liang Wen Hua, founder of Centaline Property Shih Wing Ching, founder & managing partner of Progress-U Asia Charlie Lang, CEO & co-founder of CoAssets Pte Ltd Getty Goh, managing director and CEO of iProperty Group Georg Chmiel, executive manager – product & delivery Andrew Wilkinson. In addition, various technologies such as 3D virtual reality, location beacon, digital publishing and big data analytics will also be explored as a means to close deals faster.

Property Sales & Marketing

1. Beacon
Using location Beacon on expo or show flat open day will let developers and agents to keep track of potential buyers and push relevant messages to their mobiles, hence easier to convert leads to sales.

2. 3D virtual reality
One of the problems encountered by overseas developers is the difficulty of potential buyers to see the flat in person. The teleporting of live-showroom experience through 3D virtual reality will easily solve this problem and help to close deals faster.

3. Interactive publishing
Interactive Publishing technology does not only allow you to embed text and graphic but also video in your property brochure. This is a great way to captures influencers’ voice to propel your campaign into viral.

4. Big data analytics
How to use big data in CRM and get better insights about your customers and effectively convert to sales.

Speaker highlight:
Leonard Chan, Founder / CEO, Pulse MediaTech Ltd.
Sean Seah, Chief Executive Officer, APD Greater China
Derek Leung, Pre-sales Manager of Informatica Hong Kong

Squarefoot’s 10th Anniversary Special
Want to get the best insights into how to crack the market using latest technologies? Frontline Summit is a one of a kind event that you won’t want to miss. And now, celebrating the 10th anniversary, Squarefoot is presenting a special limited offer with 70% off standard rates for first 10 registrants of this promotion. First come first served so act fast!

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