GUZHEN, China, Oct. 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the 16th China Guzhen International Lighting Fair (autumn fair) was solemnly opened at the lighting capital, the Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The five days of the Guzhen Lighting Fair was hosted by the China Association of the Lighting Industry and the Zhongshan People’s Government, and commonly sponsored by the Zhongshan Business Bureau, the People’s Government of Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Zhongshan Guzhen Lighting Capital Exhibition Co., Ltd. The fair also received energetic support from major government organs, co-sponsors and industry associations. The Guzhen lighting fair of this year was based on the abundant lighting industry resources of the lighting capital, Guzhen, which is oriented toward export, but also takes domestic sales into account. Taking the innovative exhibition mode of "the exhibition linked to the shop" in order to realize a one-stop light-fixture purchasing and trading platform on a super-large scale of 700,000 square meters. From today onward, the competitive and new products covering the whole industrial chain of light-fixtures with super-high performance-to-price ratio will converge here, as will the light-fixture experts and sellers, and more than 1,800 high-quality lighting manufacturers. All will present a glorious feast for the people in this industry.

At 10:30 in the morning, the opening ceremony of this year’s Guzhen lighting fair and the lighting cultural festival was held together with all kinds of talents on the spot really bustling. On this opening ceremony, the leaders of the People’s Government of Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Zhongshan City Government and the China Association of Lighting Industry respectively gave their addresses for the fair and the festival, giving a very high evaluation on the development of the light-fixture industry of Guzhen, and the development and influence of the lighting fair. They expected that the light-fixture industry and the successful hosting of the light cultural festival would make the light-fixture industry in Guzhen scale new heights. Then, several ceremonies proceeded simultaneously with the opening ceremony. Started together by the hosts and the distinguished guests, the 16th Guzhen International Lighting Fair (autumn fair) and the light cultural festival were officially unveiled.

At the fair, the exhibition area of main center took up more than 30000 square meters, of which 12,717 square meters were for 1,413 standard-sized booths. Six hundred and seven outstanding exhibitors were gathered with a merchant attracting ratio as high as 100%. Three hundred and ninety-eight companies participated in the fair, of which 132 were from outside the town. 146 were from outside the city but within the province and 53 from outside the province but within the country. On the first-day, the exhibition site was thronging with merchants from all sides. The exhibited brands stretched across the upper, middle and lower reaches of the lighting industry chain of our country. In the pavilion, there were numerous exhibitors from well-known enterprises, including Opple, Nationstar and Ats Lighting. Although these extremely popular lighting industry giants were there, the lighting novices were not resigned to playing second fiddle, but competed in the same pavilion, just as it were a war without the smoke of gunpowder.

The hotspot of the fair of this time was in the decorative lighting zone where decorative lighting companies took out their aces to show their power around creative decorative lightings. There, lights were combined with space, originality, design and science and technology, while bringing the buyers visual impact, causing many audiences to think deeply.

The fair this year still implemented the policy of free pre-registration and charging on-site. Many pre-registered buyers quickly queried their pre-registered numbers before successfully changing certificates, which was convenient for the visitors, so that they could enter the fair quickly. WeChat activity area was also thriving. By adding the official subscription number of the fair via WeChat, visitors could enter the lottery. On-site, big prizes were being presented ceaselessly.

What also attracted the eyeballs were the elaborately designed overseas buyers’ pairings. Before the fair, the organizing committee, by specially pairing corresponding overseas buyers required by outstanding exhibitors, reasonably arranged the meetings between exhibitors and overseas buyers during the show, so as to spread one-on-one trade matching activities. This one-stop service quickly and effectively brought together buyers and suppliers to conclude transactions, so as to promote trade together and maximize the value of participation! Today, at the beginning of the pairing, the scene was very lively. This activity was highly appreciated by many exhibitors and overseas buyers.

This year, there were more abundant exhibition activities and professional forums. The "Salon for global decorative lighting design masters" was held in the Star Alliance venue today, where world’s top expert team gathered together to analyze the trends in the industry and talk about the market opportunities and challenges of the originally designed products and brands combining with the status of our country. There were no empty seats at the scene, which had a strong academic atmosphere. During the next four days, more high-end conferences and forums will be held. The experts of the lighting industry were gathered at several conferences that covered the lighting market, design, technology, four aspects of brand construction, as well as the latest market information, trends and technology. Friendships were made and discussions were held with the top professionals of the industry.

The splendid activities of the light festival with its overture opened last night and will continue its gloriousness this evening. The music fountain taking the Roman column as an example, the dizzying light cube light show, the star alliance atrium light show with full dynamic and fantastic float parade, and the six-Fang cloud/dragon luminous performance with its vivid style will be shown in turns, attracting numerous visitors to stand still to enjoy the sight. In each zone, except for the activities and performances, a light-fixture model has also been set up. The model has blended fashionable and traditional elements together with characteristic culture, accompanied by cake and snacks to please the visitors. The show fully embodies the connotation taking lamplight for media, and lighting culture for soul. Wandering in the scenic spots of the lighting festival, visitors can not only feel touched by the lights, but also feel cheerfulness, happiness, and harmony with the scene.

Today, the Guzhen lighting fair will be grandly opened again. Domestic and overseas guests in the light-texture industry will gather in China’s lighting capital to enjoy the carnival of procurement and trade, exchange and thinking together with the lighting cultural festival adding brilliance, and jointly promoting the healthy development of the Guzhen decorative lighting industry! Let us enjoy the carnival and cheer together!