The Spot Design Award 2014 took place at the boutique designer sleepover, In bed With Designers, last month. Let’s have a look at the finalists.

buyMeDesign’s Spot Design Award seeks out and celebrates unique, innovative, and compelling pieces of design by rising talents. Esteemed judges from the design industry picked through the hoard of fashion, furniture, accessories, and lighting at In bed With Designers to nominate their favourites.

The judge’s panel was headed by Daniel Jeffreys, CEO of Deluxewords and owner of a number of design publications in the region, and included designer Michael Young, owner of Kapok stores Arnault Castel, and head of Asia-pacific publisher Indesign, Raj Nandan.

From the Past

Swedish jewelry designer Malin Ohlsson’s silver neckpiece took the prize of Spot Design Award 2014. Ohlsson’s neckpiece is constructed from 180 separate pieces, each individually cast and polished by hand. The inspiration for the piece came from crocheting created by her grandmother, and each neckpiece takes a total of 20 hours to create to complete.

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Greek designer Eleanna Katsira draws inspiration for the earth the air and the sea to create her range of elemental yet classy jewelry and accessories.

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Indeliable Impressions

Manuel Silva and Clara Brito of Lines Lab and their hand-created clay lamp, MIRamics, were also in the final three. Each piece is totally unique, and in some cases you can even see the crafter’s fingerprints.

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Nights of NI

Terry Chow and co have revolutionized garden furniture with the NI Parasol. With state of the art LED lighting and controls, you’ll never have a boring barbecue again.

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On the Go

Cheline Yau Sun has fused fashion and functionality with her range of luxurious jewelry travel cases, Chel by Cheline.

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Can Do

Jonas Design upcycles beautiful Chinese articles into creative sound and lighting systems.

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In bed With Designers is the physical representation of our design curation and is a new destination to discover experience and interact with the latest global designs and designers. You may have just missed the latest edition in Hong Kong but we have events in Taipei in October 2014 and Singapore in March 2015 to look forward to. Check out to keep up to date.

Information provided by Founder of, Florence Coirier Giraudon.