Spatial Design For HomesResidential and commercial interiors specialists Artwill has taken pride in its end-to-end design services for the entire span of its 10-year history. The studio’s latest project, a flat in Ocean Pointe, in Sham Tseng not too far from Tai Lam Country Park, embodies Artwill’s penchant for creative space solutions that are equally stylish. Square Foot chats with designer and Artwill’s creative director Regina Kwok.

You say you are “one of the most customer-focused designers in the market.” How does that show in your work?
We thoroughly understand clients’ needs, requirements and lifestyles in order to tailor make comfortable yet aesthetically pleasing hideouts for them. Careful arrangement of spatial planning, colour matching and lighting were some of the crucial components of this project. And to achieve client satisfaction things such as after-services, follow-ups, project management and time management are key factors in our success.

This design of this flat is mostly open plan but it seems multi-functional and adaptable. Can you tell us about the original layout and how you changed it?
The original layout of the apartment was a standard 888-square foot apartment with a living room, dining room, small kitchen, guest bathroom, study/store room and two bedrooms. After careful space planning, all the interior walls, except the structural walls, were taken down to create a laundry/store room inside the living/dining area, an enlarged kitchen, and a master bedroom with a large en-suite bathroom, study area and walk-in closet. We also added a unique feature in the living area where roller blinds were installed inside the black recessed profile which can be rolled down to separate it from the dining area to create an extra guest room.

Why does this project really stand out for you?
I would say the overall circulation of the internal space and how we made use of the external view of the apartment were the great successes of this design. For example, we introduced a bird patterned tree feature to emphasise the connection between the surrounding natural environment and some natural elements in the internal space.

What is your favourite aspect and what makes the home unique?
One of my favourite areas in this home is the master bedroom. Not only did we create an enlarged en-suite but also transformed the curved bay window area into an extra leisure nook for the owner. The leisure nook is a perfect location to enjoy the fabulous view, to read and on top of that, we created some storage space underneath. Not only does this work functionally but also aesthetically.

What kind of themes did you incorporate into this project? There’s a lot of white. Is white still the “go-to” base colour in modern interiors?
I would consider the theme of this project as a nature-inspired contemporary home where a lot of white and high-contrast features were used throughout. In modern interiors, we believe that using white in many clever ways will emphasise the overall theme of the internal space while also enhancing the visual space, as with the geometric pattern on the wall in white lacquer paint finish, the concrete textured wallpaper, the black lining on the display cabinet, the floor skirting and the ceiling.