Speakers aren’t usually the most exciting tech gadgets in the world. They are, however, mighty useful for social audiophiles. This means you can enjoy your music from iPhones, mp3 players, laptops or iPads with your friends. With this in mind, we’ve gone and found some speakers that definitely fall on the exciting side.

Mini Snail Speaker

This super cute crawly smartphone speaker by AllPuter will let you play your beats at the level you see fit — something built-in loudspeakers will never be able to provide no matter how high the volume goes. Now you can enjoy your music and give your smartphone or tablet a little something to keep it company.

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AeroSkull Speaker

The totally space age AeroSkull is a uniquely designed speaker system made of chrome plated ABS. It’s super shiny and just a little scary. It features a docking station with Lightning connector for your iPhone 5/5S or latest iPods, as well as Bluetooth and NFC connectivity for wireless pairing with a variety of devices.

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Cosy Libratone

Libratone offers vibrantly coloured speakers wrapped in Italian wool sleeves. The cosy coloured Libratone Zipp global wireless speakers are so beautifully designed, one would never guess that speakers were zipped inside the sleeve. The Libratone Zipp was inspired by modern home decor and high quality sound technology. The fusion of the two conceived a flawless product.

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Boombottle Eco-Speaker

Yes, we love upcycling! The Boombottle is an upcycled speaker system built into plastic container waste with recycled speaker components. The main frame is made from ink containers thrown away from the printing company and oil containers collected from grocery stores. They are air sealed, waterproof and rugged but have some serious volume power with a nice deep tone.

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Ballo Ball Speaker

The brilliantly yellow Ballo speaker was inspired by a very utilitarian lifestyle: it’s for those of us continually on the go. The minimalistic design is both smooth and colourful. The striking yellow rubber belt that cuts the Ballo in two also protects the speakers and increases the power of the bass. The sound experience you get is 360 degrees, no matter how you lay, roll or hang your speaker.

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Seater Speaker

Ever thought your furniture was missing something? Perhaps some audio? ION Audio has noted this terrible oversight and promptly corrected it with its Sound Lounge Bluetooth speaker/seater.

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Information provided by Founder of Buymedesign.com, Florence Coirier Giraudon.