Are you getting enough sleep? With long work hours and most of our private time spent studying, cooking, looking after children, social networking and even moonlighting, many of us don’t get the recommended eight hours of sleep each night. Even if you can catch up, it doesn’t mean that you are going to be full of beans the next day. After all, it’s the quality that counts — the amount of time in deep sleep.

Don’t get frustrated if you struggle with sleep or feel tired even after long resting hours. You may be able to get a good night’s sleep by simply changing the settings of your bedroom. Here are some bad layout designs that should be avoided in the bedroom.

Bedroom Opposite Bathroom

Space is precious in Hong Kong. Most residences are designed to maximise the living space without thinking too much about layout. For example, a bedroom opposite a bathroom is not good for health. Another bad example is the bedroom facing a long corridor, which will easily lead to gossip.

Facing Doors

The position of a bed needs to be carefully arranged. It is not good to direct it any doors, which may affect health matters. The affected part of the body depends on the position of the bed and what door points to. For example, the middle part of the bed represents your stomach or abdomen.

Bed Position

Generally, a bed that leans against solid walls is considered a good setting. On the other hand, leaning it against windows will bring bad luck in career matters, and bathrooms or other water supply behind the bed is bad for health. Having the kitchen stove on the other side of the wall shared by the bed is even worse. It will give rise to serious health issues.


Having ceiling beams above the bed may affect health and relationships. If it points at the middle of the bed, marital relationships will be negatively affected. With that in mind, sharply shaped lighting fixtures and split-type air conditioners should also be avoided overhead.

We spend around one-third of our lifetime sleeping, or we should. Improving your sleep means improving your life. If you’ve had some weary days for a while, it may be simply that you don’t get enough good sleep. It’s time for you to change the unwanted settings of your bedroom.